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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online Alex Trax Game

Alex Trax

Game Description: Alex trax is a mix between dirt bike game and platform game. Roam levels on BMX bike in a search for key to pass each level.

Game Controls: Arrow keys (up, down, left, and right) to control bmx, SHIFT for atcion, and SPACE to change direction.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Alex Trax Game, you will love to play Paper Kid Game and BMX Master Game.

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Alex Trax Game Review

For all mountain bike enthusiasts out there, here is a game which brings the fun into this wonderful and exciting sport, allowing you to play a bike game which is humorous and addictive at the same time. Namely, Alex Trax is a game which requires you to control Alex, the young cartoon-like mountain bike rider, in his rain coat and helmet, helping him overcome some of many difficult and demanding terrains. Interested? If your answer is yes, you can find Alex Trax, and many other excellent bmx games of this type here!

This game is colorful and unique in many ways, allowing it to stand out in the crowd of similar mountain bike ride simulations available out there. Apart from the eye-catching and attention-grabbing movements of Alex's wobbly body, this Alex Trax has several important and awesome features. First of all, this game requires skill and concentration. Thus, Alex Trax is not all about fun, regardless of its tone and theme. Rather, in order to complete the difficult levels of the game, you will need to set speed aside and focus on control and maneuvers you make. This is the only way you can possibly opt for when it comes to completing Alex Trax, since rushing will only get Alex's face in the ground, making you repeat the levels after a loud “Ouch” is splashed across the screen.

However, you will get to know the ropes of Alex Trax from the very beginning, because this game contains boards and signposts which will help you learn all the basics before too late. Simply enough, you are supposed to help Alex ride his superb bike across the merciless hills and slopes, collecting the key located at the end of each level. Once you get the key, you need to turn the bike around and move back to the initial stage of the level, advancing on. In order to achieve all the necessary goals, you will need to use the arrow keys, the shift key enabling you the ability to jump over the steep sides of the hills you face and the space key changing your direction. Combining the controls properly will give you all the power and agility you need for enjoying Alex Trax to the maximum. Remember, in this game, time gives you extra points, so make sure you collect it along the way.

What are you waiting for?! You know all you need to know, Alex, grab your bike and enjoy now! You can find Alex Trax here!

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