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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Ambulance Rush: Patient Rescue

Ambulance Rush: Patient Rescue

Ambulance has always been presented as the force of good, lead by people and machines, in order to save lives of those in need. Therefore, ambulance has been perceived as positive and kind force of benevolent rescue, there for the injured, troubled and weak. However, Ambulance Rush introduces a completely new image to the whole perception of this kind of medical service. Wanna know how? Try playing Ambulance Rush!

Ambulance Rush is all about completing your levels and getting points. However, your ambulance is not the usual box-like truck where you place all the patients before delivering them to the hospital. Rather, Ambulance Rush allows you to choose between three brutally awesome, even evil-looking medical cars of this type, giving your calling a completely different touch. Thus, you will be rushing through the streets of Ambulance Rush with your vehicle, trying to score as much points as you can. If you think that your points depend on the number of people you save, you are gravely mistaken. Namely, Ambulance Rush is all about rushing. Sure you will meet people in dire need of medical assistance, as well as people running about, minding their own business. Yet, you are to rush over them with your wild ambulance car and bring havoc upon the streets, setting other cars on fire, distributing patients and pedestrians “to a better place” and destroying everything you get in contact with, speeding forward until you notice the hospital. Once you finish a level, the computer will calculate your “achievements”, presenting you with your overall score. All in all, this is one of the better free online racing games for those with different attitude towards medicine. Thus, Ambulance Rush may be a good way for doctors, nurses and other medical staff to blow off steam in this, virtual ER, than screwing things up in real life. Also, Ambulance Rush may be an excellent source of fun for all those who envision fun as Armageddon. You like blowing things up, saving people while running them over? Ambulance Rush is a game for you!

To conclude, this, pretty straightforward, game has all the necessary elements for fun. Ambulance Rush look great, made with in the best 2D graphics out there. Also, it has cool, metal tunes to go with your line of work, with a soundtrack fitting the plot of the game perfectly. Finally, Ambulance Rush has action, and plenty of destructive, unstoppable, killer, people-saving (?!), action. Therefore, grab the ambulance car and rush out to the rescue your patients have never seen before, try Ambulance Rush!

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