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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Autumn Bike Ride Game

Autumn Bike Ride

Game Description: Autumn Bike Ride is a classic dirt bike game where the goal is to balance your way through unfamiliar terrains on a dirt bike. Good thing there are checkpoints on each stage, otherwise you'll be kissing ground more often than not. Hint - keep you motorbike speed high to be able to climb on heavy machinery and street junk.

Game Controls: Use UP/DOWN arrow keys to go forward/backward, LEFT/RIGHT key to balance left/right, and ENTER to switch direction.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Autumn Bike Ride Game, you will love to play Bike Mania On Ice Game and Extreme Trial Game.

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Experience The Fun Of Flash Gaming With Autumn Bike Ride

Many of us think that gaming is only meant for gamers who are having high class computer with awesome hardware requirements, but that is not true. If you love to play interesting games then you can choose flash games because they are great from every angle. For example, you can play thousands of free motorbike games without even downloading them. They are completely free of cost and moreover you get the opportunity to play them online without upgrading your hardware requirements. If you love to play bike riding games then Autumn Bike Ride is the best game for you.

Autumn Bike Ride is an amazing game, it allows you to ride a dirt bike and there are various levels where your biking skills are tested. Generally, if you are having a descent internet connection then it will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes to load this game. Once started, you will come to main menu screen where you are asked to play the game. Before playing the game, you will see a screen where instructions are given about how to play this game. You can take your time to learn all the controls and after that you can proceed with the game. The controls are very easy; the bike can be controlled just by up and down arrow buttons. Forward and backward arrow buttons are given to balance your body. This might sound extremely easy but in reality this is the toughest game to play. This game is tough but at the same time, you will enjoy the overall experience. Autumn bike ride will allow you to ride in the middle of a junkyard where various vehicles will lay down and you will have to cross those vehicles by riding a bike. Various tools and boxes are used to make the overall task difficult.

This game needs a high level of concentration and you cannot play this game if you don't have enough knowledge about bike riding. The background music is awesome; it goes perfectly with the game-play. Flash games do not have high quality graphics therefore they concentrate more on game-play and background music. As far as reviews are concerned you can check the reviews posted by various users, this game score a lot when it comes to reviews and ratings.

When you start playing this game, you will notice that most of the times the bike is difficult to ride and the game-play are extremely tough, but with more practise you can master this game easily. All you have to do is concentrate on the riding part. Understanding the scenario is also very important. This game is also having save points, which allow you to start from that point where you have saved the game. So, even if you fall from bike you can always start the game from last saved point.

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