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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Baja Motocross Game

Baja Motocross

Game Description: Baja Motocross is state-of-the-art motocross racing game with stunning graphics. Perform crazy motocross tricks such as body varial, can can, and more to gain top score. Unlock new tricks by completing all courses.

Game Controls: Arrows for racing bike cotrol, Z + arrow to do basic mid air trick.

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Baja Motocross: A Fantastic and Unique Racing Game

Baja Motocross is a motocross racing game that features motor bikes. Not only that, it is your job as a motor bike rider to not only reach the finish line but to also impress the crowds by performing mid air stunts. A motocross game that has more goals than just reaching the finish line is indeed unique and exciting to play.

Baja Motocross is all about racing with your motor bike; however, your main goal is not just to reach the finish line, but you must also entertain the crowd with your aerial maneuvers. The game is very forgiving and your bike does not crash if you go off course. Your bike does crash when you take too long to perform an aerial move, so perform those moves quickly and impress that crowd. You also recover fast and automatically from a fall, so you do not fall behind that easily. You also have opponents that will stop at nothing to reach the finish line ahead of you and impress the crowd themselves, so you must compete against them by beating them to the finish line and by performing a wide variety of aerial stunts. Reach the finish line first and you can advance to the next stage. Not only do aerial moves give you plenty of points, but along the way there are items for you to pick up and increase your points as well.

The graphics in Baja Motocross are fantastic. Your bike and rider are well-detailed and well animated as well. Every move you make is so realistic and not only do the mid-air stunts that you do impress the crowd, but they impress you as well. The environments are filled with life also and you will certainly enjoy riding your bike and performing your moves.

The controls are simple and are similar to other motocross games . The up arrow button accelerates your bike forward. The down arrow button applies the brakes and moves your bike in reverse. The left and right arrow buttons steer your bike in the appropriate direction. In order to perform stunts in mid-air, you must have jumped from a ramp first. While in mid-air, press both the Z and a directional button to perform basic tricks. When you finish all levels, you can perform advanced tricks by replacing the Z button with the X or C buttons.

The sound effects are just perfect for this game. The sounds that you and your opponents' motor bikes make are so realistic and command the respect of everyone that watches you. The crowd cheers loudly when you perform spectacular stunts with your bike and the crowd also cringes in fear when you get hurt performing a stunt. The music is awesome and adds an intense atmosphere to a great game.

Baja Motocross is an exciting racing game that features more than just finishing a race. As a motor bike rider, it is also your duty to impress the crowd by performing death-defying aerial maneuvers. If you have always wanted to show off to a crowd of onlookers with your bike and breathtaking mid-air moves, then give Baja Motocross a try. Just don't take too long in showing off your moves or the crowd yells in fear of your safety instead of cheering for you!

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