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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Beach Bike Game

Beach Bike

Game Description: Ride your stunt bike over beautiful beaches. Your goal is to stay on the bike, and never fall of. Score more points on good checkpoint times.

Game Controls: Use the cursor keys to ride your bike.

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Beach Bike Review

In the vast sea of motocross games, Beach Bike is an amazing flash based game that allows the gamer to immerse themselves inside of a summery environment. The game starts off by allowing the user to select one of two motorcycles. The DF-230 Sport and the DF-280 Turbo. Each of these bikes has its own unique play style, based on three attributes.

Bike Attributes

Speed: The speed determines how fast a bike can go. Since the game revolves around a lot of beach obstacles, speed will make it a little harder to control. However, given the many jumps in each level, speed allows for a variety of fun on jumps including back flips.

Weight: An important factor in Beach Bike, is the weight of the two bikes the gamer can choose from. Heavier weight will make it harder for the user to adjust the bike on jumps. Light weight will make it easier to control, but also easier to nose dive or flip the bike.

Control: Since the game gets progressively hard, the first level is fairly easy, it is important to look at the control of each bike. The higher rating of control means that the bike may be a bit slower and lighter than its counterpart. It is truly dependent on the gamer's play style. Trying to make a landing can be a lot of fun.

DF-230 Sport Attributes

Speed – 2 stars

Weight – 2 stars

Control – 3 stars

DF-280 Turbo Attributes

Speed – 3 stars

Weight – 3 stars

Control – 2 stars

Beach Bike features five very simple controls:

Up Arrow Key: The up arrow key allows the gamer to propel their motorcycle forward. The controls are very sensitive to how hard the key is being pressed. This is very important because going to fast over certain obstacles will often result in the motorcycle crashing.

Down Arrow Key: Hitting the down key will allow the motorcycle to move backwards. This is very useful because the motorcycle often gets stuck on obstacles if a certain velocity is not reached.

Left Arrow Key: A motorcycle needs to be balanced and that is what the left key allows. Pressing the left key will make the rider lean back, pulling the front tire off of the ground.

Right Arrow Key: The right key does the total opposite of the left key. This will be how the rider leans forward to lower the front tire of the motorcycle.

Enter: When an obstacle or jump can not be accomplished because of speed, hit the enter button. This will change directions of the bike, allowing the gamer to back track and start over.

Once the desired bike is chosen, the gamer will be immersed in a rocky world overlooking the beach. The initial level lets the gamer get used to their controls and environment. The next level immediately throws the rider into a much more challenging course. The player will have to battle to keep their bike steady as they go over rocks, mountains, take jumps and even go over trucks.

The numerous challenges are offset by save points placed throughout each course. This allows the rider to get right back into action and attempt the section they crashed at. Gamers can always see how close they are to these save points by looking at the progress bar on top of the screen. The red circles will indicate where each checkpoint is located.

Beach Bike incorporates visually appealing graphics and very catchy background music. The mountains, trees, rocks and other beach props are all very well textured. The views from on top of the rocks are visually stimulating, featuring moving clouds and beautiful waters.

The controls take a bit to master, but it is very fun trying to go through each of the 8 courses available. Each course provides a plethora of obstacles and jumps for the rider to take. The jumps are particularly fun to try and do back-flips on. Overall, Beach Bike is a very fun game, with very nice graphics, decent music and some very hard to master controls.

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