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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Bike Mania 2 Game

Bike Mania 2

Game Description: A sequel to Bike Mania, Bike mania 2 gives you all new addicting levels with the same Bike Mania look & feel. Get to the other side over various obstacles and try to keep the balance all the time. Same bike, same game, new addicting levels!!

Game Controls: Use arrows to control your bike, and use SPACE to restart level.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Bike Mania 2 Game, you will love to play Bike Mania 5 Game and Dirt Bike 2 Game.

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Interesting facts about Bike Mania 2

Are you crazy about different bikes? Do you dream about riding them and racing with them, even if they are in the game. If the answers positive, then this article is surely for you. There are many biking games available on the internet which provides the thrill of racing and excitement of riding a bike. However, not all provide the same adventure as the Bike Mania 2. This game is the second version of the most popular and frequently played game Bike Mania 1. The player love to enjoy the adventure of this game because it is more challenging and daring than the other bike racing games.

The type of bike used in this game is called the off-road bike because it is used for bumpy and hard tracks. The off-road bikes are preferred for such tracks because they are lighter and simpler. Furthermore, these bikes allow the racer to do stunts and pass long obstacles. In Bike Mania 2 these bikes offer the racer to jump high in the air and pass many hard obstacles. The control of this game is quite simple. The front and back arrow key helps in controlling the speed of the bike, whereas the side keys help in controlling the posture of the biker.

The posture of the biker is relevant to be controlled in this game because when the bike is in air, the posture of the rider helps in controlling the bike. Furthermore, this game has been designed on flash, which makes this game quit real in viewing and playing. The audio of this game has been kept simple so the player can concentrate on passing the obstacles. The game has been divided into six levels and the score is awarded by the stars. In each level, the player has to score five stars to move on. The player can also record his or her own score and beat it anytime he or she wants.

The first few levels of the Bike Mania 2 are kept simple so that the player can learn how to operate the keys to move the bike. However, as the levels progress, the difficulty increases. In each level certain obstacle are placed on the track which has to be passed by the biker as the levels move on the obstacles become challenging and hard for the biker to pass. This challenging factor of this game keeps the player glued to it. Furthermore, in Bike Mania 2, every level has a unique visual, which make it more interesting to play. The rain and snow levels are the most challenging because the biker has to pass all the obstacles with slippery conditions.

The scoring system of the game allows the user to see his or her previous score and compare it. Moreover, it also shows the time taken by a player to complete one level. In order to beat the previous score the players have to beat the timing of the game. Bike Mania 2 is a challenging game and is rated as the most addictive online game so why to waste your time in playing other free dirt bike games when you can test your skills on Bike Mania 2.

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