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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Bike Mania 4 Game

Bike Mania 4

Game Description: Bike Mania returns in miniaturized form! Try to keep your motorbike balanced as you ride over various office supplies.

Game Controls: Use arrow keys to control your bike mania stunt bike

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Go Biking at Home with Bike Mania 4

Sometimes all we want to do is get back and play games. No matter how old we get but that kid inside always wants a bit of independence and freedom. Sometimes we get so bored in office that we look for ways to kill time and when it comes to men, what better way to kill time than playing a game online about racing or wrestling. Yes, anyone would want that.

One of the best dirt bike games is Bike Mania 4. It is very simple yet challenging. Bike Mania has actually become a rage online for kids who love bike racing games . One tends to spend a couple of hours once he or she is engrossed in it. The game is challenging with good graphics and one can only be mesmerised with the simplicity with which it delivers.

In Bike Mania 4, one is riding a bike of course. By using arrow keys, one can either tilt their bike forward or backward or move ahead or behind. They use these controls to overcome the obstacles to clear the stage. It may sound easy, but it is not. One needs a lot of practise and command over the game to even start getting over the first obstacle.

It may sound impossible, but the beauty of the game lies in the fact that it is not that difficult. It is about the basics and will bring you close to the way bike racing is actually done. This game is as close as one can get to riding a bike and climbing over certain objects.

The game is easy to load, does not take much time and is easy to play. The challenge lies in reaching the end of the line by climbing your bike with you over the various obstacles that come along the way. It is fun and one can spend hours playing it without realising how time went by. The game is already popular among the kids but it is a great time-killer in the office as well.

There is a very good reason why Bike Mania has become such a popular franchise in the bike racing segment games online. It is simple, yet challenging. It does not have strong outstanding graphics, but good enough to capture one’s attention for hours. The game has a facebook page with “likes” that run into thousands and considering that facebook has people only above 18 shows the popularity of the game among the people below the age of 18.

I have become a fan of the game and it makes me wonder how flash makes things like these possible. It shows how a simple software, when combined with a creative and an imaginative brain can do wonders. In fact, Bike Mania 4 has such a fan following that there are blogs and forums online highlighting the tricks as to how one can cross over the obstacles and win the levels. One’s goal is to get over the obstacles and perform stunts in a limited number of time-period to get to the next level and this is not as easy as it sounds. There are trail bike courses to improve one’s game before getting on the seat and racing away.

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