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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online BMX Extreme Game

BMX Extreme

Game Description: Practice your BMX skills in free mode, and when you're ready go for Complete mode to show off supreme BmX bike control!

Game Controls: Up key: move forward, Down key: side flip, Left key: back flip, Z key: Superman flip, X key: rotate bmx wheel, C key: Batman flip.

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BMX Extreme Game Review

Many people and children have a dream to become a bike or bicycle racer or to perform stunts through their bikes and bicycles. But this is impossible for all people and children to become a bike racer in the real world. This fastest growing world of technology fulfills our desire to become a bike racer in the virtual world. These games are very challenging and competing. Nowadays, BMX extreme is rising as one of the fastest growing and demandable game in the virtual world of bike and bicycle games.

In this game every one can fulfill his desire to become a stunt performer in virtual world. People demanded the BMX Extreme at great scale. BMX games are now available online in order to complete the demand of this eager crowd. This game is a great source of entertainment. In this game people do the stunts used a U-shaped ramp to jumping over obstacles and perform back flips.  This game is featuring a high resolution of graphics. The rating of this game is amongst the most popular titles available online.

BMX Extreme offers the player to play the game in two different ways i.e. practice mode and tournament mode. Practice mode is named as free ride mode in the game. This free ride mode provides the player to get a chance to maneuver and configure his bike and also practice his skills on the ramp. Players get the points for every stunt made by him. The maneuvers are pre determined and specially programmed for the player and this is one of the fun aspects about this game. By configuring the bike and maneuvers, the player can made stunts through the use of keyboard control and player make the stunts go along his skills. This game gives a chance to player to jump off the ramp and make one or may be two 360 degree turns. The number of taking turns can depend on the player skills. In this mode the player can play the games and make stunts as long as he wants to play.

Now take a turn to competition mode or tournament mode. There is a one minute countdown in this mode and player has to get number of points as many as possible within the deadline. These points can be increased through performing the maximum amount of stunts. We can simply play this game through the some keys of keyboard and there is no need to use mouse. Up arrow key ids used to accelerates the bike forward. By moving to the conventional side of the game, a side flip is produced by pressing the down arrow key and the famous back flip is produced through the back arrow key. Let’s move to the more daring side, the super man flip was produced through Z, while the batman flip can be activated by pressing the C key.

This game is absolutely free to play online and is safe to play for entire family.  But there is a one word caution that these stunts were seems to be very easy in virtual world but it possess a great danger in the real world. Always wear your safety gears and be care full while trying to attempt these stunts.

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