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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online BMX Master Game

BMX Master

Game Description: Enter the BMX championship with only one thing on your mind - be number 1 BMX biker in the world by pulling incredible stunts and giving amazing performance. Each trick earns points if done right, so get in the practice frenzy with your pro BMX bike.

Game Controls: UP - forward, DOWN - backward, LEFT - lean left, RIGHT - lean right, ENTER - change direction. Numbers 1 to 7 to perform bmx tricks.

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Become bmx bike master by playing games on BMX Games portal!


BMX Master Review

Since many decades ago, people have put their lives on the line for their passion, wanting to touch the sky and create something amazing while riding the incredible BMX bikes. If you share the passion, you definitely have to try BMX Master, one of the best-made bmx games of this genre you can possibly find online. You can check it our here! Be careful, though – this game is so addictive that you might find out that you have never before enjoyed anything so much. Ready? Set? Master!

The Gameplay

BMX Master Game
BMX Master Game
BMX Master is an excellent game, even though ti might appear to be quite simplistic. Basically, the setting of the game is street-oriented, representing the conditions in which the BMX discipline has flourished. Thus, in these graffiti-filled streets, rigged with various ramps and other stunt-compatible surroundings, you are allowed to show the world what you've got.

The controls are quite simple too; all the game requires of you is pressing the arrow keys and the keys from 1 to 9, performing the desired stunts while in the air. While performing the tricks you can combine them with back or front flips. Furthermore, if you plan out your stunts well, you can combine several ones while in air, doing amazing combos which can take you through more and more exciting levels of this remarkable game.

You can choose to be challenged by the number of points you are expected to collect, focusing on performing the best possible tricks in the book, or by the time you need, making sure you organize your session well, getting the best out of the surroundings you are riding through. Either way, this game is pure fun and you will enjoy every second of it. However, do not think that BMX Master will be competed before you master all the skills required to play this game like a pro! You might think that you have what it takes and get crushed before the demanding levels of the game. Nevertheless, if you have the spirit necessary for riding your BMX like no one before, give it a try now!

To wrap it all up and send you to the best gaming experience of your lives, rest assured that the music and the sound effects of this game are absolutely great as well. So, there are really no flaws worth mentioning and it is all up to you. Go now! Show the world what an excellent BMX master you are, play this game here!

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