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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Cab Driver: A Fun, Realistic, Driving Action Game

Cab Driver: A Fun, Realistic, Driving Action Game

Cab Driver is a one of the many realistic driving games that features a driver of a cab. It is your job to be that driver and pick up and transport passengers as quickly as possible to their destinations. If you have always wanted to be a cab driver, now is your chance to show your driving and navigating skills.

Cab Driver features well-detailed and realistic graphics. Your taxi looks very stylish and appealing and you can actually see the damage it takes as you hit obstacles along the way. The city that you drive around in is modeled very well and the pedestrians look life-like also. In short, this game does a great job of not only showing off your taxi but also showing a very busy city that is filled with details.

The controls are as simple as they can get. A quick tutorial is offered, and basically you only need to use the directional arrows on the keyboard. Holding the up arrow button makes the driver step on the gas and it moves the cab forward. The left and right arrow buttons steer the cab to the left or right. Finally, the down button has two functions: it makes the cab driver step on the brakes and it drives the car in reverse.

The sound effects are what you would expect in a driving game. You can hear the sound that your cab makes, instantly making you feel as if you are the driver yourself. There are even voices in this game, which is a big plus to an already exciting masterpiece of a game. The music in each level has a relaxing tune to it and it makes you calm down so that you can drive safely to your next destination.

Cab Driver is a great driving simulation that revolves around cabs. Your job as the cab driver is to find people who are calling for a taxi and drive them to their destinations. The people who need a cab ride have a balloon bubble on top of their heads simply saying that they need a ride. Parking right next to them will make them go inside your cab. You can also have a maximum of three passengers inside your cab. Once you have your passengers, the onscreen arrows and map of the city does a great job of showing you their intended destinations. Simply drive to those spots symbolized by a glowing circle on the main screen and you've done your job as a cab driver. You earn more money, which is your score for the level, as you drive passengers to their destinations quickly and keep your cab in good shape. That means you must drive carefully or you'll get less money after each passenger drop off because your taxi is in bad shape. Fortunately, there are power ups that fix your cab and give you extra money as well. Although a careful and slow driver can keep the cab in good shape and earn more money, there is a time limit for each level. There are also other cab drivers that can take your passengers if you take too long to pick them up. Finally, you must reach a certain amount of money per level; otherwise, the game is over when the timer runs out.

Cab Driver's detailed graphics, easy to learn controls and extensive game play makes this game a must play. This game does a great job of simulating the life of a cab driver. If you have always wanted to drive in a yellow cab and drive people to places, then this game is made right for you.

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