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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Challenge Yourself with Turbo Racing 2

Challenge Yourself with Turbo Racing 2

Do you love the challenge of a good racing game ? Do you hate the price of racing games for console systems and PCs? If so there is a free racing game you should try. The game is called Turbo Racing 2 and it is free to play on the internet.

How Turbo Racing 2 is Played

This is an elimination type racing game, you compete against other cars, and the last car across each checkpoint is eliminated. This means that in order to advance from one stage to the next you must be the first to cross the line at the last checkpoint. The game starts easy, but as you move to higher levels traffic is added to make the game more challenging. The game is called Turbo Racing 2 because pressing the X key on your keyboard gives you a boost of turbo speed. To keep your turbo boost filled you can hit the turbo balloons that are spaced out all along the course.

What makes this Game Different?

Although Turbo Racing 2 is a free internet game you would never know it because of all of the different options this game offers its' players. First, you can choose different cars, and then you can choose different paint colors, and even chrome paint. From there you can earn many other add ons such as stickers, side skirts, bumpers, spoilers, and other goodies you can add to your favorite car. The better you do, the more stuff you can earn.

Playability and Graphics

Turbo Boost 2 is an easy game to play and will give everyone in the family hours of enjoyment. You only use the four arrow keys to control the car and the X key for turbo boost. In reality, you will not use the down arrow (reverse) in this game so you are only concerned with three arrow keys and the X key. The game is a little tougher than some online racing games because of the traffic, but that just makes your wins all the more sweet. The graphics of the game are fantastic; you will probably forget you are playing a free game. The cars look good; the background looks good, and even the traffic looks realistic.

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