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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » City Drifters Game Review: Take It To The Tokyo

City Drifters Game Review: Take It To The Tokyo

Motorbikes are cool, and so are skateboards, bikes and all the other things like that. But there is something about cars that makes these machines absolutely exceptional and a an ultimate favorite of many. For all you fans of these speedy and killer vehicles, here is a free racing game you have been waiting for. Rush through the streets of Tokyo, winning races against many opponents, drifting through this challenging city. City Drifters is a game for you, and there are more than one reasons why this is true. Thus, without waiting a single second, step on it and play City Drifters!

As it was mentioned above, the City Drifters takes place in Tokyo. However, the game is pretty simple and there are no boring rules and instructions which are an obstruction to your race-thirsty veins! City Drifters requires you to pick a car, choose a race and go for it, speeding through the streets and being the best of all the opponents! Yet, City Drifters, besides all of its simplicity, has several great characteristics which will make you go back to it many times.

First of all, there are graphics. Namely, City Drifters looks awesome. Your eyes will be happy to see all the beautifully modeled 3D cars, which look like they are a part of a full DVD game which is perfectly contemporary. However, in order to play City Drifters, you do not need a single thing but a click here! No installations, setups etc. Just shut up, get into the car and have a blast with City Drifters!

Of course City Drifters has several more tricks up its sleeve. Whenever the streets become too demanding and you feel like the other racers are getting the advantage, you might activate your nitro and blast all of them off, leaving only dust behind you as you reach the finish line.

All in all, City Drifters has it complete, through speed, high octane fun and excitement, brutally awesome graphics and an incredible gaming experience. That being said, you should not wait for a single second, once you start contemplating the next game you're going to try. City Drifters is, by far, the top choice for you and your nitro hungry organism. Step on it, rush through the adrenaline pumping action of high quality racing and ultra exciting fun, play this game. It is good, it is great, it is awesome, it is City Drifters!

On the other hand, if you're the type of person who enjoy the most in motorbike games with emphasis on racing, you can head over to bike racing games category and enjoy full blown motorbike action.

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