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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Stunt Bike Games » Online Coast Zombie Game

Coast Zombie

Game Description: Zombies have taken over quiet ocean coastline. Hop on a stunt bike and kill them all. Don't forget to perform bike stunts to maximize your score.

Game Controls: Arrow keys to control zombie eliminating stunt bike.

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Coast Zombie - Zombie Bike Game

In 21th century, the internet has become very much developed and is dominating in every field. In this era of internet, every thing is becoming online and their is very significant development in the field of online games. Flash games are simple but lightens the mood of the person. There are various game categories like action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, sports, etc. The choice of playing depends from person to person. Some like to play sports games like cricket, baseball, etc and some like to play dirt bike games, bmx bike games , etc. It really depends upon your choice which games to play. There are various interesting games like scooter jump, pizza shake, buttermilk pancakes, drive for dollars, Coast zombie, etc.

The game 'Coast Zombie' is really a interesting game in the stunt bike games category and will be adventurous experience and will charge up the person playing it. The game is copyrighted by 'freegamepick' . By listening the name ' Coast Zombie ', people think that this is about killing zombies on a beach, but interesting part is that you ride a special offroad motor bike and hit the zombies and kill them. The peaceful green island on which the game character drives his bike is now infected by a virus and the island is full of zombies.

Game controls :-
The whole game is very simple to play but very interesting and you will love to play it. The controls are also very simple. The bike is fully controlled by four arrow keys and 'space' key on the keyboard . So be sure that your keyboard works properly. The controls are -

1. left arrow key for tilting the bike backward .
2. right arrow key for tilting the bike forward.
3. up arrow key for moving bike forward.
4. down arrow key for braking or moving the bike backward.
5. Space key for activating 'nitro' when the nitro bar becomes full.

Coast Zombie Game Play

The visual background consisting of oceanic view and rocks in the ocean provides total coastal effect. The track looks simple but it is really challenging to cross it in first attempt. You have to accurate while tilting the bike forward or backward or you will get rolled and fall on your back while crossing a small rock. The game gives you the feel like a offroad racer who his killing the zombies on his favorite track.

There are 15 different parts or levels in the game. They are just different parts of the coast around the island. You have to complete each level as fast as you can, you have to hit and kill maximum zombies and also dodge maximum no. of obstacles in the way. Your score depends upon the zombies you kill and the obstacles you dodge. You can also perform various stunts like back flip, wheelies, 360 degrees flip for scoring bonus points so your overall score will increase. Complete the level as fast as you can. The timer on the top of the screen indicates the time you spend on the track. By completing one level you will advance to next level, every advanced level introduces more difficult obstacles and track to pass. So it is a sure challenge for everyone.

 Take the challenge, score as big as you can and submit your scores online to compete with other online gamers. Enjoy the game.


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