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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Desert Bike Game

Desert Bike

Game Description: Become the ultimate desert dirt bike rider! You have to get past the mountain ranges, and the difficult twists and turns in each level, in order to advance on to the next level.

Game Controls: Use arrow keys to ride dirt bike.

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Desert Bike Game Review

If you are looking for great dirt bike games, with Desert Bike you are going to get the best gaming style, and action, with various levels of play. In this game, you are actually in control of a character, and you are going to be required to ride your dirt bike through the desert terrain. There are a variety of mountain paths that you are going to have to cross in Desert Bike, and they become more challenging as the levels get higher, and as you advance further on in the game. They are not easy, and you will be required to maneuver through different heights, turns, and unique twists along the way, with each new desert mountain you reach in this game.

With 7 different levels for players to complete, they are going to be facing a new challenge with each round, and a new mountain range they are going to have to get past with each round. The game is played using only your keyboard, and you will control your rider on the arrow keys, making for ease of movement, and fluid movements from left and right, to jumping and breaking, all in one place.

The objective of the game is pretty straight forward. You have to get past the mountain ranges, and the difficult twists and turns in each level, in order to advance on to the next level. By completing the 7 levels you are going to win the game, and will become the ultimate dirt bike rider.

Although the premise is basic and the game is fairly straight forward, you are going to find that with Desert Bike you become extremely addicted to the game, and you will love the fun challenges that you face with each desert scene and each mountain range you have to complete.

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