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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Dirt Bike Game

Dirt Bike

Game Description: Ride your dirt bike through various obstacles on various levels until you got the skills to be a true dirt bike champion. This bike game is one of the most popular flash games of all times!

Game Controls: Use up, down, left, and right keyboard arrows to control and keep balance of your dirt bike.

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Want to master the skills of riding a dirt bike and be the master a of it? Everyone likes playing games based on biking. As the technology of real bikes around us has changed, same is the demand with dirt bike games. Gaming fanatics will love to take this dirt bike game on extreme adventures foe example performing many stunts in the middle of the air and their search for best bike game will end here.

Dirt bike is an free online flash game that can be played on this web page for as long as you want to. To plat this game you do not need to do any installations or configurations to your computer before playing. All you have to do is wait for few seconds for page loading and then play the game and be a dirt bike. Also this game has no complicated controls at all and within minutes you can get used to it. and yes, this is addictive as hell!!

Dirt bike may be considered as an adventure game and there are chances that you like this game more than any bike game you have ever played on internet. This bike game is about completing levels and is not about a race. Each level has different terrain which you need to cover up. In this game you can jump around, do you own stunts, clear up all the obstacles in the way in your own style to complete level. If you think you cant go ahead and struck somewhere you can always change bike direction to turn about and go back a bit. This game, dirt bike gets real difficult and more challenging as you advance to higher levels.

Animation and graphics used in the game plays major role in any game. No matter how good the gameplay is, if graphics are not good nobody likes to play the game. But this is not the case with Dirt Bike. Graphics are better than any other bike game using flash on internet. Dirt bike gives a sense of reality which makes people to enjoy this game well. Use of proportions of forces like gravity, acceleration and braking is very good so the game is developed very good on a programmers part. Also a very good stadium like environment is created on the back which gives the sense of the real sport and enthusiasm of riding a dirt bike. This gives a great sense of realism to the player playing this game. For example, in first level wooden blocks and barrels are used to make a track like in real dirt bike challenges.

Dirt bike is not as easy at all as it will appear at the start. Sometimes you may get crazy as the game begins to get difficult. for beginners that are playing a bike game for first time may feel some difficulty at start but with some minutes of playing you will understand the controls, tracks. You will automatically get ideas to get past the hurdles, how to balance weight while in air, how to jump, how to land, etc. Before you know it you will clear level 1.

Music used in the game also worth giving this game some extra ratings. it is energetic and boosting. It give feel of real bike race scenario. it really fits into the game. Dirt Bike is really an addictive game and probably best stunt bike game available on flash. So why don't you see for yourself, huh???

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