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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Dirt Bike 4 Game

Dirt Bike 4

Game Description: The goal is to complete all levels in the shortest amount of time without falling off your bike. The quicker you finish, the higher the score. Try to avoid odd angles when jumping off the rooftops and try to get the bike stable at all times.

Game Controls: Use arrow keys to navigate

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Gear up for some real racing adventure, Dirt bike 4 is a must try for all those who like racing. But of course it is a real treat for adventure lovers as well. There are a wide variety of games available online, for many of these online games players have to pay the website or the game owner. But very few such games are free, thrilling and original like the dirt bike 4 racing game. It is much more advanced than its previous versions of free dirt bike games namely dirt bike1 , dirt bike 2 and dirt bike 3 . This newest addition to flash games is therefore definitely a treat for race lovers. All one needs to enjoy this game is just an internet connection. Anyone with a zest for racing or simply ready for a challenge can play this game.

The start page of the game is colorful and displays options among which you have to choose the desired option. Either the players can start right away with the race or just get themselves acquainted with the control buttons used in the game. These control keys help in progressing in the game and onto the next stage of the Dirt Biker 4. The game is played using the basic arrow keys on the keyboard, the upward arrow is  for the acceleration of the bike, the downward facing arrow is for decelerating, while the right and left arrow keys are for maneuvering the position of the bike rider.One will have to use these keys in combination, to come across all kinds of hurdles lined up for them as they pass from one level to another. Balancing the rider using the available control keys and learning to manage across the various obstacles is the main aim of the game, only then you go ahead to the next level.

The game ambiance designed is in a city style and will test the players skills at handling the bike at good speed through unexpected obstacles planned through out the game. In all, the game is very challenging and tests ones skills at balancing and handling the control keys appropriately and hence balancing the bike evenly through all the hurdles. Even a slight careless move can make the rider loose focus and balance hence having the bike fall.This therefore calls for 100% concentration by the biker to avoid such unnecessary mistakes when playing the game.

Dirt bike 4 has recently proved to be a darling of many as the number of those playing the game increases by day. According to a recent research study internet games and their popularity with the online players, the popularity of this game has steadily risen as seen by the number of its players online.This has been attributed to the thrilling and exciting near-real-life experiences brought about by this game.This game is designed in a way that captures the interests of its players and gives them a chance to experience a number of very unique features that can not be found on the other online games.If one really wants a gaming treat adventure of a life time, dirt bike 4 is the game to play.

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