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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Dozer Rush: Think You Can Drive A Bulldozer?

Dozer Rush: Think You Can Drive A Bulldozer?

Dozer Rush is one of the popular online driving flash games. Here the player has to drive a bulldozer. The primary goal of the bulldozer driver is to use the bulldozer to push the objects and place them in the areas that have been marked for them. The faster the player completes his job the more he gets the bonus. So if you want to win Dozer Rush, you not only have to complete the task of putting the objects in the right places but also have to finish it fast. As the name suggests, you have to rush your dozer (i.e bulldozer).

Dozer Rush is a very interesting game. You will be given a bulldozer to drive. The bulldozer can be moved in all 4 directions by using the left, right, up and down arrow keys on the keyboard. There are 3 types of objects which you have to move, using the bulldozer. The right places for the objects are marked using a green coloured tick mark surrounded by a green coloured moving circle image. You have to push the objects and put them in the next marked place. To make the game easier a navigation screen is provided on the top right corner of your game screen. The navigation screen would direct you to the next marked place. In this screen, your position is marked using a rotating red circle. The direction in which the bulldozer would move is depicted by a yellow arrow and the next nearest marked place is depicted by a green square.

All you have to do here is move the bulldozer in a direction so as to drag the object along with you to the nearest marked position. It is not very easy to drive a bulldozer but is not that tough too. To make your task difficult some barriers in black yellow stripes have also been placed on the track. The bull dozer will stop moving on hitting these barriers and you will have to take reverse on hitting the barrier. The player has to very smartly tackle the situation and turn the face of the bull dozer so as to move the objects.

Moving the bull dozer in Dozer Rush is not difficult but what has to be taken care of, is the time. You have to finish the task as soon as possible to gain a good score. On the top of the game screen there are 2 boxes. One of the box is to display the level of complexity that you have reached in the game along with the amount of time you are taking to complete the task. The other box on the left hand side of the first one displays the total no. of objects that you have moved so far.

So don't wait any more and the hit the virtual game floor to play Dozer Rush. But remember, you have to do it as fast as you can. Adjust the bulldozer properly so that you do not waste any time in positioning of the objects on reaching near the marked areas. Have fun!

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