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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Drive, Accelerate and Achieve Easy Targets with Gear Up

Drive, Accelerate and Achieve Easy Targets with Gear Up

Racing games online is the best way to entertain someone. Flash games online is just the new trend that has come up with some amazing games suitable for people of any age. The reason why flash games are so famous, in demand are simply that the games are not very difficult to play, and are quite entertaining in itself. One of the best flash games that are played by several people online is Gear Up.

Gear Up Detailed Review

Gear up is a racing game in which you have to compete with 3 other cars as well as against time. There is a racing track, which has twists and turns as usual and with the controls you have to dodge with them as well go ahead of the other three cars by accelerating as fast as possible.

Game details

The opening screen of the Gear up has the various options of seeing the game credits or help regarding the controls of the game. And when you click on 'play' you go to the next screen that lets you buy a car, enhance your engine, clutch or gearbox. The catch here is that you, as a player have only $1000 with you at the beginning. So buying a new car is not possible as the cars cost $3000 and above, so you have to live with the default car. But you can definitely upgrade either your engine or clutch or gearbox but remember you just have $1000. The up gradation costs are as follows: Engine- $500 Clutch- $400 Gearbox- $400

Therefore, if you see, technically, it is not possible to upgrade all the three, you can choose any two or two levels of the same part i.e. 2 upgrades of the engine itself.

On the left side of the screen, you can see the various levels but you will have access only to the first level and the next ones are unlocked as you complete one level. So that is going to be your target in the game. So make sure you really gear up and complete the level before others.

The game starts as soon as you click on level one, but there is only one interruption before that, that is there appears a screen showing you the controls, just in case you have not seen them. Once you press on next, the game starts.

The game controls are very simple- the keys ASDW or the arrow keys. In order to reduce acceleration while taking turns, you can press the space key.

Some good and bad things about Gear up

The good- You are allowed to stop the game whenever you wish to or you can also resume the same game or simply continue where you stopped.

Another good part is that there are not many obstacles on the way, which makes driving a smooth task.

The not so good- is that the other cars just go too ahead of you and you keep wondering where the finish line is as there are no directions or map given. In addition, you do not come to know when you cover a lap.

You also tend to get a little bored after driving straight and nothing else on the way, so there are chances you might want to quit.

Overall, Gear up definitely deserves a chance, some might tend to like the straight track and easier to achieve the target. A truly enjoyable game for anyone who wants to gear up their monotonous life by playing games.

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