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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online Extreme Skater Game

Extreme Skater

Game Description: Extreme Skater is a game of skill. The skater needs to be perfectly balanced on his skateboard while jumping on the air or performing tricks.

Game Controls: Use up, down, left, and right arrows to control skater; Z, X, and C to perform tricks.

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Extreme Skater: Taking Skateboarding to the Extreme!

Skateboarding games are very popular on flash gaming sites. These games are a dime a dozen on the Internet- there's far too many of them! What makes Extreme Skater stand out among the rest of the pack?

Graphics: Extreme Skater's graphics certainly beats those of its contemporaries, hands down. The images are crisp and colorful, unlike those plain boring visuals that you get on most flash games nowadays. The backgrounds are great, game elements (such as platforms, obstacles, etc) are rendered perfectly, and the cartoony animations keep things fresh and interesting.

Sound: This is another high point for this game. Extreme Skater's background music is a mix of pop beats with a punk edge, a perfect match for this action-packed game. The sound effects also fits in nicely with the gameplay and are not repetitive or annoying in the long run.

Controls: Controlling the skater involves using the arrow keys for direction (up - jump, down - crouch, left - lean left, right - lean right) and the "Z," "X," and "C," keys to perform tricks.

Gameplay: Extreme Skater is a game of skill. The skater needs to be perfectly balanced on his skateboard while jumping on the air or performing tricks. A great aspect of this game is that it does not merely involve having the player go from point A to point B. People can complete achievements, unlock new boards and skaters, and master new tricks while they're at it. The diverse levels also promise varied gameplay so that players will never get bored.

Overall: Extreme Skater is a solid game. Getting a hang of the game is simple enough (instructions are integrated into the game itself), but mastering it is a different matter. The gameplay provides a new twist to the physics-skateboard genre and the graphics provide the much needed eye-candy to make the whole gaming experience more enjoyable.

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