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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online FMX Team 2 Game

FMX Team 2

Game Description: FMX Team 2 is a step by step guide to becoming a real champ in freestyle motocross sports. Follow the interesting tutorial or go pro jumping dirt-covered ramps!

Game Controls: Arrows to control the motocross bike, perform stunts using numeric keys 1 to 6.

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FMX Team 2 Game

Freestyle motorbike riding is a passion of many adrenaline junkies out there. If you consider yourself to be such a person, you just have to give FMX Team a try! So, without further ado, after spending a couple of minutes going through the lines below, feel free to find and play one of the best motocross games out here!

The Game

FMX Team 2 is one of many games from the FMX branch of entertainment software. However, this particular game stands out big time! This is mostly due to the innovations it brings and the ways through which these innovations are incorporated into the game per se.

Basically, when you start FMX Team 2, you need to think of a team name which will represent your excellent one, being the first on the list and consisting of riders who are bound to pass through the finish line before anybody else does.

Once you have chosen the name suitable for an FMX winner, you get to go through a well-developed tutorial which explains the basic tools of the trade for FMX Team 2. After this short but incredibly helpful session, your path towards victory starts.

Simply enough, the game will give you three chances for being the best in terms of collecting points for your stunts and combos without falling. You might think that this will be easy but think again. The game is very realistic in terms of timing and the smallest mistake related to planing your tricks out can result in bailing, leading to reset of your points and a loss of life.

The combinations of tricks you need to perform in order to unlock new ones varies and you may just need to pull off a backflip in order to expand your trick slots hidden under the numerals under the keyboard. On the other hand, as more numbers unlock, the more demanding combinations you will need to do perfectly. Furthermore, you will need to conquer the rough terrain under your wheels and make sure that you manage to pay attention to the score list at the same time.

To sum up, FMX Team 2 is an excellent stunt bike game - mixture of fun, excitement, adrenaline and gasoline, screamed through the merciless sound of the engines and the vivid creativeness of the developers of this game. With all its uniqueness and versatility it is, all in all, a brilliant experience. Try it, and get amazed, by following this link right now!

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