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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online Free Wheels Game

Free Wheels

Game Description: Overcome 8 downhill slopes on a rocky mountains using nothing but skilled biking and adventurous spirit. Hit high air using jumping sites with acro bike and do dangerous tricks!

Game Controls: Arrow keys to control bike, X to jump, and C and Z to perform tricks while airbourne.

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Be fast, be furious and do crazy tricks on BMX Games portal!!


Free Wheels Online Sport Game

Free Wheels online sporting game is an online bike racing game. It is categorized under bmx games. It involves racing down the hill while performing crazy stunts in a bid to earn as many points as you can. Free Wheels are typically a 3D bike racing games which involves racing down the wheel at a great speed. The game is usually time set before playing and hitting the finishing line within a given time gives the player a chance to unlock the next bike level. Just like the rest bike games of its kind, it uses arrow keys to control it. The X key is used for jumping. If you wish to jump higher, you are required to press the X key continuously. Making crazy bike tricks makes the game more awesome and entertaining. This is achieved by pressing the Z, X, and C keys in the required sequence.

Online playing of this game help you compare your scores with those of your friends. Making some of the craziest tricks makes the game very thrilling. The trick of achieving success in this game lies in overcoming as many slopes as you can.  Free wheels game is set in the Rocky Mountains. This basically means that racing the bike is a smooth ride. The game player must be very much adventurous and have great spirit as well as a desire to achieve. The player makes very dangerous tricks while he hits high air using the jumping sites. Typically, free wheels game is set with eight downhill slopes. The most exciting part of this game is when making airborne tricks. The player must be very fast and furious.

Free Wheels online game has been found to be very thrilling for kids especially those who like stunt bike games. The best thing with this game is that the player can customize the game as per his interests. The player can choose the best coloration of the game as he wishes. The driving tracks are many and the racer has the option of choosing any.

A Free wheels racer can either play the game online or preferably download it. Playing the game online has been found to freeze the screen but incase this happens, the player should try reloading the game. Most of free wheels lovers have continued to review the game and majority are really satisfied with it. Recommending the game to other kids has also promoted its popularity. The game has been rated as to be having the best animations ever. Its thrilling music and sound tracks has also enhanced satisfaction among its players.

Despite its increased popularity, it has also drawn some critics from others who term it as very challenging. However these are the less adventurous kids and free wheels is primarily designed for adventurous kids. Some have even termed it as being horrible for reasons only known to them. Basically, free wheels game is one of the top most racing game and its popularity is expected to improve in the near future among kids.

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