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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Stunt Bike Games » Online Hell Riders Game

Hell Riders

Game Description: All hell's breaking loose! Find your way through burning hell on your motorbike. Perform some stunts on your way. Complete 10 levels of hell.

Game Controls: Use the arrow keys to move hell bike, perform tricks with Z, X, C, V, B. Hit P to pause the dirt bike game.

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Hell Riders Game Review

Hell Riders is a flash bike driving game set in a hellish scenery and backed by some great heavy metal music. The stunt bike game mounts you on a motorcycle and throws you on a track set in hell. The intro screen offers several choices. Players can choose to to play the game immediately or take a run down the track and practice a bit by clicking the practice button. There is also an info screen accessible through the 'how to play' button that shows the control keys. The controls are fairly simple: throttling up is done with the up arrow key, the down arrow key will do the braking and the rest of the arrow keys control the balance of the driver. If you press the 'p' button, the game will pause. The z, x, c, v, b keys are used to perform various tricks and stunts during the game.

The last button on the intro screen menu leads to a website that offers a myriad of other fun flash games, but we recommend checking out our dirt bike games for more fun.. The entire intro screen is engulfed in hellish flames and guarded by two demons, which makes a good preview of what's to come once you dare to click the play button. If you click the 'play' button, you'll get to see the entire map of the Hell Riders which resembles continents set in hell. Once on the map screen, all you'll have to do to start the challenge is to press the 'space' key. After the initial loading of Hell Riders is complete, the first thing that you will notice is the great heavy metal music and your motorcycle begging you to hit the gas. The upper left corner of the screen is packed with a few info icons and a speaker symbol which can be used to turn the music on/off while in the game.

Just right of the speaker is the 'life' indicator which informs you how many extra lives have you got left before you're "dead". The 'score' and 'bonus' counters are also just next to it. The 'bonus' indicator runs all the time which means that you're getting bonus points until you run out of "lives". If you look in the upper right corner of the Hell Riders game window, you'll notice a map. This is in fact a small preview map of your current track. Once you hit the gas, it'll feel like slow motion which is very cool. If you turn over or crash, you will "lose" a "life", which will cause the small helmet symbol to count down. The proper leaning of the driver during the game is the most important detail to pay attention to in order to complete the level successfully.

You must carefully lean forward and backward at the right moment (uphill/downhill) just to stay alive. Hell Riders is fun to play and requires a bit of practice and some skills to successfully complete the levels and earn some descent score. Here's the fun part; your score goes up when you're doing stunts by pressing the z, x, c, v, b keys on your keyboard. This great action packed game guarantees hours of fun in hell!

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