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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Jet Ski Racing: Racing On the Water Circuit

Jet Ski Racing: Racing On the Water Circuit

Among all jet ski racing games available from the Internet, Jet Ski Racing is worth trying. As the name suggests, the game features Jet Ski races in many water circuits. It also appears that almost all aspects of the game except the vehicles are very similar to others. The gameplay, interface, and controls are very common; even a newbie can arrive into the excitement after only few minutes of learning. Users will simply have to gain score and win the race to advance to the next game level.

Before a race starts, players are allowed to choose one from four vehicles that differ mainly on colors and riders; there is no complicated statistic about speed, balance, brake, acceleration, etc. In all levels, a race finishes after players finish three laps. During the race, players have obstacles to avoid, for example rocks and whales. A player will have to compete against three other racers; advancing to the next level is only allowed if the player wins the race. The good thing is that the player will not need to go back to first level after losing one race; he/she can simply retry the last level after submitting score.

All statistics concerning the on-going race are provided in every corner of the screen. In the upper right hand corner of the screen are best time, current time, and lap. Your current position is informed in the upper center while circuit map is in the bottom left hand corner. Other valuable indicators such as scores and level are provided in the bottom right. Basically, the interface has included any information necessary for anyone to recognize the current statistics of the game. The camera is already set to third-person's point of view behind the controlled rider.

Players can move the racers by pressing up, left, and right arrow keys. Other three buttons, which are Z, X, and C, are assigned to command tricks. The mouse is only useful to access menu. The total score from all previous levels finished is informed each time a race is won. Jet Ski Racing is absolutely very easy to play, even for a child.

To come up with a conclusion, Jet Ski Racing provides enough excitements anytime you need to get a break from the basic car or bike racing games. The tricks are nice additions to be the game's interesting points.

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