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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Max Dirt Bike Game

Max Dirt Bike

Game Description: Don't let the stunning graphics fool ya - Max Dirt Bike comes in awesome bike balance pack with challenging courses waiting to be surmounted. Are you the one who made it to the very end in interesting dirt bike game?

Game Controls: Plain old arrow keys to balance stunt bike, and space to advance to next level when you finish previous.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Max Dirt Bike Game, you will love to play Power Bike Game and Extreme Trial Game.

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Max Dirt Bike - Simple, but Addicting Dirt Bike Game

Do you love to play bike games? Are you a crazy bike maniac? If so, you have to just take a look into the Max Dirt Bike game! You may, indeed, boast that you are one of the best bike riders of the era, staying well-versed with the riding tactics. But this game will surely put a zip lock for all your boasting speeches! Wondering how? Ha! Let me reveal the secret. This game ‘Max Dirt Bike’ focuses mainly on your balancing skills and not on your riding tactics. If you are good at physics, then this game is a feast for you, riders!

The Max Dirt Bike game, as stated above, is a physics bike game wherein you have to use your balancing skills so as to pass through each level. Created by MaxGames and Rob Watkiss, the game stands unique among all other bike games. It holds 19 levels of increasing toughness. Some of which, will take just a few seconds to complete whereas some others will challenge your patience. You may also have to watch out the timer, buddies! Finish each level of the game as soon as possible to be one of the top scorers.

The main objective of the game is to ride over a terrain staying balanced. So simple? Obviously, NOT! You will be blocked by several obstacles like bushes, bumps and drop offs that appear suddenly and this will surely hinder your goal of reaching quicker. One relaxing aspect is that you can pause at any part of the game, have a short nap and then you may continue from where you stopped. Landing correctly will get you to the finishing line, whereas crashing will get you to the beginning. But, even if you fall off, you can keep trying infinite number of times. That sounds cool, right?

At the end of each level, you will be given a level code to proceed to the next challenging course. So, even if you quit at some higher levels, you can go back to it directly, by entering the code for the level, at the start of the game. This is also beneficial for riders who have mastered lower levels and are looking forward to great challenges. Are there cheat codes? For those who have mumbled the above question, the entire list of level codes is provided in the Max Dirt Bike website. Keep it a hush-hush, right!

If you are a real bike lover and love playing motocross games, this is the ideal game for you. It is exciting and fun to play the game sitting alone or when your friends are around.

The Max Dirt Bike game isn’t the end! It has been followed by the Max Dirt Bike 2, 3 and version 4 is being developed. Each version includes a changing environment with increased flexibility and toughness. You can play all the dirt bike games right here on our website! Also, check out the MaxGames Wiki, a community wherein you can contribute your ideas regarding the improvement of the games. No matter of the arrival of new versions, the game remains as one of the best online sports. Do you think you can beat it? Then go, RHOOOOM!!!

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