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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Monster Truck Games » Online Monster Truck Trip 2 Game

Monster Truck Trip 2

Game Description: Monster Truck Trip 2 is second installment of the popular number 1. Pimp your pick up truck until you get a real monster truck.

Game Controls: Use keyboard arrow keys to drive, Z or N to boost truck speed using nitro pack.

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Crush the road blocks in your way: Monster Truck Trip 2

Flash player games have become most popular among the kids and youngsters who like to play bike racing games and crushing games. The kids and youngsters like to be in race all the time- is it in cycling or online games. The games have created such an attraction among the kids that new advanced flash games are designed by game designers so as to keep the kids logged into the game. The latest Monster Truck Trip 2 Game was no different; the first version was about riding a monster truck and going on a trip while crushing the hurdles in the way such monster truck games are much like by the kids as crushing and racing both are the new fads of the generation today. When the creators found out that the first version created a good attraction and kids loved the game, they brought in the new version: Monster Truck Trip 2.

Monster Truck Trip 2: The new version of crushing and chasing your goal

The Monster Truck Trip 2 is a good game for young kids who love racing and little adventure of crushing cars and hurdles in the path. The new version, Monster Truck Trip 2 is the upgraded version of the first game. In this game you have new added levels, you earn lots of stars while racing and you get to crush more roadblocks and cars in your way. In this game you race in the desert to reach your goal where your hurdles are the broken bridges and numerous cars which you crush like cookies. Here in the game you can upgrade your truck also while racing at each level. You can ear bonus points and money by beating up your own score only.

When asked to kids about the Monster Truck Trip 2, mixed reviews were generated. Many of them like the version 1 of the Monster truck trip. The way used for crushing was simple and through a town where you keep on crushing and get points. But in Monster Truck Trip 2 the game is all about crushing things and big trucks. Here the truck sizes go on increasing and the wheels also get bigger. The up gradation used is simply awesome and to earn more and more points beating our own score keeps us holding with the game. The graphics used for the game and very good and thus the Monster Truck Trip 2 is not a junk game but a worth playing.

The general review of Monster Truck Trip 2 is different from the point view of kids. The game is not the stereotype of the old version but the race starts from point A and ends at point B. Though there are up gradations for the truck, there is no graphical change in the path of the truck. The demolition goes very well with the race but then at a certain point of time it gets boring and you don't feel like racing anymore. Still the game has a plus point that you can increase your score and money by beating by your own score.

The Monster Truck Trip 2 is a good flash game by the creators of Monster Truck Trip that though has few drawbacks but good game. A game completed devoted to crushing of cars and demolition- Monster Truck Trip 2.

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