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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Stunt Bike Games » Online Moto Stunts Game

Moto Stunts

Game Description: Get a good grip on your stunt bike, cause it's out of control when you fly that high! Try to land as many tricks as you can to advance to new stunt bike stages. Overall, great stunt bike game with tons of tricks and challenging courses.

Game Controls: Arrow keys to control stunt bike, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 to perform insane tricks

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Moto Stunts Game

If there is a synonym for ultimate bike excitement, it is Moto Stunts. For all you dirt bikes games lovers out there, enjoying the wild tricks and performances that can be done with motorbikes, this game is all you need for having tons and tons of fun! Play this bundle of fun now – you can find Moto Stunts here!

The first thing you notice when Moto Stunts starts, it its interesting background sound. Addictive and entertaining the music and the sound effects will make it possible to experience this game fully, not focusing solely on the graphics and the gameplay.

Speaking of the graphics and the gameplay, for that matter, Moto Stunts is one of the stunt bike games done in high detail, with many unique characteristics. From the falling from the bike to the performance your rider gives, Moto Stunts, will be pleasant for both the ears and the eyes. See for it yourself, try this excellent game now!

The gameplay is quite easy to understand and love. Basically, you control a rider who is to use the terrain of each and every level for his benefit, getting the highest leap for the most creative of all stunts and tricks. Moto Stunts places 6 different trick slots at your disposal, allowing you to incorporate these into you performance whenever and wherever you see fit.

Since the stunts are one of the main traits of this marvelous game, these are done with great attention and dedication. You can observe the stunts in Moto Stunts carefully, as if you are watching the motocross event on TV, featuring real riders and real bikes. Thus, this simulation is a very good one, meaning that you will need to give your best in order to go through the levels of Moto Stunts with ease. Yet, with the wonderful music, great sound effects and the well-developed gameplay, you will have no problems when it comes to having fun while playing Moto Stunts. Moreover, this game carries all the important visual data related to motocross and motorcycles in general, helping you learn more about this fuel-driven passion.

To conclude, Moto Stunts is a must play for all the motocross games enthusiasts out there. This game is a brilliant merge of simulation and plain old fun, offering something for all player profiles who get in contact with it. So, hurry up and get your hands on Moto Stunts, finding and playing it here!

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