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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Motocross Racing Game

Motocross Racing

Game Description: Enter the World of motocross racing. This racing game will let you hop on a offroad motorbike of your choosing, and race away in 13 stages for grand prize. Try to score max points!

Game Controls: Use keyboard arrows to control your dirtbike.

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Motocross Racing Online Flash Game Review

Without any doubt, online flash racing games are played by millions of Internet users daily. This genre is considerably the most popular among others. Various gameplay choices, types of vehicle, and user-friendly aspects are the most sought-after features of the games. Apparently, most well-recognized vehicles such as cars, motorcycles, bicycle, and truck are brought into the gameplay. It is always nice to know that players with different background, tastes and hobbies can enjoy the same amusement from this one genre. As a matter of fact, some of racing games do not have races at all, but they feature driving simulation, time-trial, or bike stunts.

Motocross Racing reflects the excitement and adventures of real bike stunts. If you are one of the admirers of this particular sport, Motocross Racing is the game you should try. The game simply requires you to control the bike and make stunts along the tracks. You will not have to race against opponents or time. Before the game starts, you are allowed to choose any of three available bikes and one helmet to use. There are also other options for difficulty levels and slow motion interface. You can choose to begin the game on normal difficulty, but it is fine to start directly on the more advanced level.

There are 13 stages to complete; each of them features a different track. Similar to most games, the more advanced stages have more difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Unfortunately, you need to complete all the stages in respective order. The access to any further stage will be given only if the current stage is already passed. The good news is that you have 3 lives in each of the tracks; it means that you are allowed to make up to 3 retries in any stage. Lives left is indicated by helmet icons placed in the upper left hand corner of the screen. Score is written in the top right. The screen is clean without too many gauges, icons, indicators, and any other clutter.

The score is given based on the stunts. More tricks and actions will be rewarded with more points. There is no cumbersome control combination; you can easily move the bike and make stunts by using the arrow keys of your keyboard. Up and Down arrow keys for forward and brake respectively; Left and Right arrow keys for balance. Motocross Racing features the most famous stunts, for example back flip, front flip, and wheeling. Tracks are built on hills and cliffs, so there will be more than enough spots along the paths for you to do some stunts and score points. Total score will be accumulated from the entire previous stages passed.

Motocross Racing is actually non-English game; the language for menu, best score and almost all options are provided in French. Nonetheless, after playing the game some minutes, you will likely to understand the basic. All in all, Motocross Racing simply reflects the actions, movements, and tricks of real bike-stunts. It has the challenge, amusement, and entertainment necessary for hours of fun.

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