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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Moto X Arena Game

Moto X Arena

Game Description: Once again, prove that you are great biker by stepping into moto x arena. The moto x bike needs good control, and that is where you step in with your bike riding skills. Surmount the tough arena at all costs.

Game Controls: Up - accelerate, Down - brake, Left - lean the bikers body left, Right - lean the bikers body right.

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Moto X Arena Game Review

Moto X Arena - the game you need to conquer to prove that you're the best when it comes to motocross games. Oh! Don't be fooled by its simplistic designs. This game is way tougher than it looks. It may sound as a bit of an exaggerration but then why don't YOU play the game and be the best judge of it?

The Moto X Arena is a single player flash bike game with 12 levels and each level needs to be cleared to pass on to the next one. Complete all the 12 levels and you get crowned the Moto-X-Arena Champion! Only the arrow keys are required in playing the Moto-X-Arena. The Up and the Down arrow keys move the biker forward and backward respectively. The left and the right arrow keys help to balance the rider.

The entire track is dotted with ridges and valleys and table tops and hollows. Never expect to ride 'bump free' for more than 2 seconds at a time. This is where your navigation prowess and your eye for balance comes into play. You need to know when and where exactly to balance to rider. You need to know when to give that extra push to propel your rider safely off the ridge and onto the ground. You need to know whether to slide forward or backward when jumping off a loop. Told ya it isn't gonna be an easy game! And yes, timing - and balance - is everything in this game.

At the start of the game, the player gets to choose between two bikes to ride. Select one and let the game start rolling! The purpose of the game is to finish each level and pass on to the next one. In this way clear all the 12 levels. Crash once and you're out of the game. You need to replay the level all over again buddy. It ain't no fun if you take forever to finish a level, is it? Complete each level within a certain time limit and be the proud owner of a new high score! You get an option at the end to submit your score. Who knows? You might end up on the next high scores board!

If you're a die-hard, crazy, addicted bike games fan then WELCOME BACK! This must be your millionth time playing this super addictive bike game. Wait... Don't tell me this is your first time playing it. If so... HOW COME?! The MOTO-X-ARENA, the bike game of all bike games, the game you ought to have played and you haven't played it yet?! Ah well... All isn't lost. You have come to the right place. And today starts the bike riding experience you have been missing out on. It is just a click away!

And to all the casual players who are looking to relax, take it easy and race for the pure heck of it - look no further! The Moto-X-Arena it is!

Enough with the ramble already! The fans are cheering, your bike is roaring, you can feel the adrenalin pumping up your veins..The dusty track beckons you.. So what is up with this wait? Let's get on with the game!!!

Top! Top!