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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Monster Truck Games » Online Oversize Game


Game Description: Full 3D monster truck racing game. You will have to deal with an entire season of monster truck races, participating to 4 championships located on a different tracks. Your only chance to see tham all is to win race by race!

Game Controls: Arrow keys to drive your vehicle, F to flip monster truck, R to recover truck, and H to honk. Press P to pause game.

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Oversize Online Game

Oversize is an excellent game for all people who love monster trucks. These giant 4x4 machines have never been so furious and fast. This is one of the most adrenaline-packed monster truck games of this type.

The first aspect of this game that catches your eye is the stunning graphical environment. Amazing textures, brilliant effects and realistic behavior of your monster truck will make you play this game time and time again, until you manage to complete all of the Oversize tracks and game modes.

Basically, your progress manifests through unlocking different modes of gameplay. Firstly, you will have easier missions which require you to win races, without any additional demands or necessities. Later, however, Oversize will ask you to meet time limitations and numerous other factors, making this game a whole lot harder, and far more interesting at the same time.

Oversize has many different levels and modes for you to rush through, burning the rubber from your flaming wheels, leaving all the other Oversize racers behind. Nevertheless, if your vision of fun is less stressful, you can enjoy driving your monster truck in a typical race, enjoying Oversize in your own way.

As for the controls and the steering of your vicious vehicle in Oversize, you are bound to have some troubles. Namely, the controls are done quite realistically, disallowing you to cut through curves without a sweat. You will definitely need to try harder than that, since Oversize controls will not allow you to go through the course without some real skills. Thus, show that you are the real monster truck dominator and prove your worth by playing Oversize now!

Finally, Oversize has several other aspects worthy of your precious gamer’s attention. First of all, there is the sound which is magnificent, realistically projecting the feeling of driving these Oversize monsters. Secondly, the graphics will leave you breathless as you crush your opponents, rushing through the finish line first. Finally, the overall feel of Oversize will make you come back to it and take part in yet another race, enjoying the Oversize addiction.

All in all, Oversize will be an excellent game for you if you enjoy giant monstrous machines called monster trucks. Play Oversize, step on the gas pedal and fear nothing at all. So, if you believe that you have what it takes to be the first and the very best, show us what you’ve got, play Oversize now!

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