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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Stunt Bike Games » Online Police Dummies Game

Police Dummies

Game Description: Take a break and try this hybrid between racing and stunt games. Drive the police dummy over bumpy terrain while doing various stunts to earn more score.

Game Controls: Check out the manual within the Police Dummies game for further instructions.

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Police Dummies: An Intense and Fun-Filled Stunt Racing Game

Police Dummies is a side-scrolling online racing game that stars a crash dummy police officer driving a police ATV. As that crash dummy, you must race through levels filled with danger and hazards at every turn.

The graphics in Police Dummies are outstanding. The crash dummy police officer is detailed and animated very well. Your ATV looks fantastic as well. The backgrounds are lively and very refreshing to look at.

Police Dummies is an easy game to learn. Both the keyboard and mouse are used in this game. The mouse is mainly used to navigate through the menus before you start all the action. Once the racing starts, the keyboard is needed. The Up button accelerates your ATV while the down button makes your ATV go backwards. The spacebar makes your ATV jump and allows you to perform stunts. Finally, the Z button activates your nitros to give your police ATV a big boost in speed.

This game features great and realistic sounds. The sounds that your ATV makes are pleasing to the ears and show how things are intense and exciting. The music throughout the levels can also pump you up for the fun that takes place in this game.

Police Dummies is not just a simple racing game where you travel from one point to the other. Like other stunt games, the main task is to avoid danger and speed through the levels and make it to the end safely; however, Police Dummies allows you to perform stunts with the Spacebar to help increase your points. Performing stunts is a very fun part in this game and helps liven up the game play. There is no time limit so you can either take your time and avoid hazards or just speed through the levels with no regard for your own safety as you can quickly get back on your feet should you encounter a mishap during the game. Crashing your police ATV is very fun to do as well whether it is by accident or intentional because the crash dummy police officer can come out flying into the air after a car crash, which is a hilarious sight to see.

Another fun feature in this game is the ability to customize your crash dummy police officer and your police ATV. You can upgrade your crash dummy to perform more stunts. You can also upgrade your ATV's engine to help speed up your ATV or even upgrade your ATV's wheels to make it jump higher. To unlock these upgrades all you have to do is finish certain levels and these upgrades will be available to you and you can customize your ATV after each level as well.

Police Dummies is a fun-filled side-scrolling racing game that will make you come back for more action. Being able to perform stunts and the ability to upgrade your crash dummy and ATV adds to all the fun and excitement in this game. This game is for you if you like racing and dirt bike games that do more than just going from one point to the other!

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