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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Rally Point: A Fun, Simple Car Racing Game

Rally Point: A Fun, Simple Car Racing Game

Rally Point is one of the best car racing games that puts you in the shoes of a race car driver. Your goal as the driver of a racing car is to speed your way through rich environments and reach the finish line while still keeping your car intact.

Rally Point's graphics are well-detailed and lifelike. Your race car looks fantastic and propels you to drive as fast but also as cautious as possible. The environments are rich in detail and with two starting levels and three extras, you will certainly enjoy the sights as you drive to your goal.

This game makes exclusive use of your keyboard to control your race car. The up arrow button makes your car accelerate forward. The down button slams your brakes and makes your car go in reverse as well. The Z button boosts your car's speed, which is perfect for powering your way through the racing streets. Finally, the shift button allows your car to slow down a bit which makes the handling easier as you turn tight corners.

The sounds that your racing car makes show that your car is no ordinary car. It is a racing car and the roars of its engines prove that it is beyond any ordinary car that you will ever drive in your life. You will cringe as you hear your car take damage when you hit obstacles or hear it explode if it overheats.

Rally Point is a car racing game where you drive one of two cars of your choice and speed your way to the finish line. More cars can be unlocked as well as you progress through the levels. The game is simple: try and stick to the main roads while passing through red smoke which acts as both a checkpoint and a visual indicator that you are going the right way. If you are going the wrong way, the game itself places barriers to show that you should turn back and head somewhere else. The shift button will serve you well as you try and maintain control of your car as you make tight turns. The Z button is important as well because it gives your car a big boost in speed; however, you cannot overuse the extra speed because not only can it make your car harder to control, but also make it overheat; therefore, your car can explode and the game is over. Each level shows a maximum time that you must either match or be well below that, and you must reach the finish line before the time reaches the maximum time you need to finish a level. Doing so unlocks bonus cars and levels for you to play with.

Rally Point's simplicity makes it a fun game for those with aspirations to become a racing car driver. Being able to choose more than one car and one level to play with adds a lot more excitement to this game. Whether you are a cautious driver who slows down and takes care of the racing car or a reckless driver who speeds to the finish line, this game caters to both driving types.

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