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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Risky Rider 2 Game

Risky Rider 2

Game Description: Take daring jumps and sky is the limit. Get your stunt bike as high as possible, beat all levels, and prove that you are ultimate extreme bike showman. Don't forget to fine tune your stuntbike after each level, otherwise you will not make to the end.

Game Controls: Build speed with UP arrow, brake with DOWN key. Use the following keys to perform tricks in the air: press Z key to do Whip, X key to do MCMetz, C key to do No Handler, V key to grab seat, and B key to do side flip.

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Risky Rider 2 Game Review

Risky Rider 2 is very addictive once you start playing it. It is perfect for you if you love playing challenging stunt bike games online. It is very easy to play, free of charge and, most of all, catchy. Basically, this game is all about doing spectacular stunts with your bike and earn virtual money with each successful stunt. The more spectacular the stunt, the more virtual money you earn.

When you start playing Risky Rider 2, you will see that you have four columns displayed at the beginning of the game: agility, suspension, speed and acceleration. Once you advance in the game, you will get the chance to select how much of each you want your bike to have. Based on what you choose, your can do great stunts with your bike and win more money, or fail. Before starting to play the game, you can also choose to personalize your bike and make it cooler by changing its colour.

The game controls are also very easy to memorize and use. For instance, if you want to accelerate before performing a stunt, you do that by pressing the "UP" key on your keyboard and your bike will gain speed. On the other hand, if you want to decelerate you hit the "DOWN" key, while for stunts you use "B", "V", "X", "Z" and "C" keys, every one of them doing a different type of stunt.

After you start playing the game and you do your first stunt, you will notice that for a 360 degrees flip you will get 400 virtual dollars and the sum varies, based on the stunt. It is very important to tune your bike each time you pass a level, since otherwise you would not be able to successfully complete it. Use the points wisely and think which one of the four characteristics your bike needs the most. Once you are done tuning your bike, you can proceed to the next level.

As you advance in the game, you will motice that when playing Risky Rider 2, the levels will get more and more difficult, but also more captivating. The stunts are more challenging. Be careful, though, because each time you hit the car located at the end of the circuit you will lose money. Also, with every failed stunt your health will diminish and when the health bar will be left empty, that means only one thing: game over!

The complexity of the stunts increases with every level and you must practice in order to get to the last level. Do not be afraid of a sophisticated stunt, because that means more money that will be useful when fine-tuning your bike at the end of each level. The more money, the cooler the bike!

To sum up, if you are a big fan of bike stunts, then Risky Rider 2 is definitely the game you have been looking for. It has everything a good online game needs: adrenaline, points, challenges and a little dose of addictiveness. Most of all, the game is free of charge and it can be easily played. Try Risky RIder 2 and practice your skills when it comes to extreme bike stunts!

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