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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Snow ATV Game

Snow ATV

Game Description: For the lovers of icy roads, here's a great atv game where you compete against icy terrain on the arctic mountain. Keep your balance as you progress over slippery mountain. Beware of jumps and pits as they are most dangerous.

Game Controls: Atv controls are cursor keys. Hit Enter button in case you want to quickly switch direction of an all-terrain vehicle.

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Snow ATV Game

If you are a snow lover but it hot and sunny outside now you have the opportunity to play Snow ATV and imagine you are out there in the snow.

Probably you have tried similar dirt bike games with different tracks and settings but you should not underestimate a game, which you have never played. You have to be sure this will be a pretty new excitement for you. Whether you plan to buy an ATV and drive it in the mountains or you just need to spend some emotional hours at home playing, this game will teach you what exactly you need to do in order to succeed.

What is interesting in the dirt bike game is that while driving you will not see some splendid mountain views but such destroyed by humans. As we all know, there is no place in the whole world, which stayed deserted enough so that people could not pollute it. Pollution is nowadays a serious problem of our society so the creators of the game Snow ATV managed to get this theme into the plot. As you enjoy nature and your new motorbike, you will have enough time to think about this problem and sooner or later you will start living in a natural way.

In the very beginning, you will be given the opportunity to choose between two slightly different motorbikes. You need to decide what kind of machine you prefer to drive- either a lighter one, which you will easily control or a more powerful one, which will assure you higher speed. However, you should not forget that this is not a race game. The most important thing here is to keep balance so do not rely only on the gas handle but drive your snow ATV like a professional. On your way, you will come across some checkpoints. The only way to save your passed path is after you did reach any of these checkpoints. You need to know that your way up there will not be an easy one as you will see many things trying to prevent you from reaching the end. Nothing should surprise you if you are careful enough and watch out. In order to be prepared you should have in mind that you may see cans, car tires or even cars, vans and tracks blocking your way up.

Driving the ATV is not a difficult process. You need to use just some keys from your keyboard. The up, down, left and right arrow kyes will help you move ahead back ot to keep better balance in difficult situations when you are climbing or going down a hill. The key Enter will turn the direction of your motorbike for 180 degrees.

These are some of the main instructions you need to follow, so that you may enjoy the game. Snow ATV is an interesting atv game for all people who are adventurous enough so that they are ready to pass all the difficulties and after going through everything win the game and reach the end.

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