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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Sonic Motobike Game

Sonic Motobike

Game Description: Help Sonic drive his fast motor bike to the end of all levels without losing control. On your way try to collect as many golden rings as you possibly can to score maximum score. Tilt that bike to surmount rough terrain more smoothly. Perform bacflips and even fronflips to score more bonus points!

Game Controls: This addicting little motorbike game is controlled using arrows on a keyboard.

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Sonic Motobike Game Review

Sonic Motobike is a fun game for all ages including the young AND old! Simply use your cursor buttons on your keyboard to guide the well designed Sonic the hedgehog and his flashy motorbike over the brightly coloured, eyecatching platforms, collecting the elusive yellow rings for a bonus score as you go, to complete the level.

Sonic Motobike contains brilliant quality graphics and is not boring and slow like most other dirt bike games can be, but it is a very fast paced, exciting and at times an exhilarating game to play! It will never fail to amuse the player and keep them coming back for more time and time again.

The game comes complete with jazzy music playing in the background, this adds to the overall playability and building excitement as you progress through each level. The main game is set on beautiful background scenery that only adds to the full depth atmosphere of the game as a whole. There are seven beautifully rendered levels to try and beat, the difficulty level at first may seem a little challenging but as you get used to the control of the motorbike this does become easier with practice. The playability of this fantastic game will keep you hooked for hours trying to get your timing right, to make all those jumps and collect all the rings before your timer runs out.

Sonic Motobike is yet another good example of the greatness of the classic Sonic the hedgehog character that almost everybody young and old recognises instantly. And is testament to the characters lovability across the world by all. Although the main character is seen on a motorbike which could be thought to be appealing to boys there is no reason why this game cannot be thouroughly and equally by girls too, such is the mass appeal of Sonic the hedgehog through the ages.

The best way to experience this game is to give it a try yourself and guess what ? You'll be hooked. The game can be easily found on Google when you enter the search term Sonic Motobike. There are plenty of gaming sites that offer this game in their collections. It is free to play of course and this just adds to its addictive charm.

The main aim of the game is to complete each level with the highest score possible. This can be achieved by collecting the rings and performing front and backfilps while jumping over the rough and dangerous terrain.

The menu is easily accessible while playing and everything is very straight forward with very few key presses required to play. So restarting the level and beginning again is a relatively simple process. If you crash or you run out of time on the timer at the top right hand side of the display, you have the option of starting again.

Sonic the hedgehog's sonic motobike game is a must for all age players to test their skills riding a motobike over exciting terrain including ramps, loop the loops and gaping ditches.

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