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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online Street Sesh 3 Game

Street Sesh 3

Game Description: StreetSkate: Street Sesh 3 is considerably one of the most popular game series built on 3D technology. If you like playing Tony Hawk's games on consoles, you should never miss the opportunity to play Street Sesh 3.

Game Controls: Read instructions in the Game Controls section of the article below.

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StreetSkate: Street Sesh 3 Game Review

Online flash games are basically small-sized games designed as simple entertainment contents that are directly playable on web pages. Initially, the games were built based on the old-fashioned 2-dimensional game play. Thanks to years of development, flash games are now capable of delivering the better visual treatments in 3D. Now, the Internet has evolved into a large base of High Definition contents; all multimedia files such as music, movies, videos, and games are widely available in the better quality. Indeed, most flash games are still in their old-looking styles; however, it is good to see that the improvement has started to make appearances.

StreetSkate: Street Sesh 3 is considerably one of the most popular game series built on 3D technology. It features free-style skateboarding movements in 3D graphics similar to its predecessor. This flash game brings better visual contents, and as a consequence, the file is bigger and it takes more times to load as well. If you like playing Tony Hawk's games on consoles, you should never miss the opportunity to play Street Sesh 3. Although they are basically offering the same actions, playing a flash game can be real different challenge and experience, especially concerning the controls.

Game Controls

As most of you probably guess, the controls are slightly more difficult to master compared to most online flash games. It uses plenty of buttons to move the characters and do the tricks; the mouse is only useful to access the menu. The controls are divided into three major categories that consist of movement, grinds, and tricks. By defaults, you can move the character using arrow keys and make an Ollie by pressing space. Tricks such as kick-flip, impossible, Indy, and tail are controlled by W, S, A, and D respectively. Command for grinds are given by pressing Z or X. Probably, some players will find it difficult to make impressive movements or tricks using the assigned buttons by defaults. The good thing is that players are allowed to remap buttons and controls in anyway they like. Other than the control functions, every aspect of the game is nicely delivered.

As mentioned earlier, the game is made of larger files; accordingly, it loads longer. Option menu allows you to change texture quality and sound activation when necessary. In case you need to remap the buttons and controls, simply go to "how to play" menu; in the last section of this menu, click on "remap button" to assign new controls.

The game play of StreetSkate: Street Sesh 3 is based on score and time, so it is either strategy or time-management game. In each level, you are obliged to make certain score before the given time runs out; if you meet the requirements, new level and area will become available. Tricks combination is a very quick point-grabber.

All in all, StreetSkate: Street Sesh 3 is a good 3D-based online flash game with better visual treatments compared to most. It may take minutes before you get used to combining tricks and buttons. However, with a little learning curve on controls, anyone can feel the excitements that the game offers.

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