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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » BMX Games » Online Street Sesh Game

Street Sesh

Game Description: Hop on the board and show some risky skating across the city full of traffic and dangerous obstacles. Do wild stunts on skateboard and collect points doing so. Finish your street sesh with long jump and combo tricks.

Game Controls: UP - push, DOWN - powerslide, LEFT - turn left, RIGHT - turn right, SPACE - do ollie, X and C - various tricks.

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Street Sesh Series of Games

Street Sesh is part of a series of games known as street sesh. The first series of street sesh was launched on June year 2006. As of present, it has been played more than by 16 million times. This is just a taste of how popular street sesh game is among kids. Street sesh is categorized as a categorized in the bmx games section. This game is manufactured and retailored by etnies. The game is a highly rated game with a total Atg rating of 83 %. The game is an awesome stakeboarding game. While on the streets, the player is allowed to take up some tricks on the game. While playing the game, the player is required to pick his deck and hit the streets at once. While playing, the player can pull off some impressive kick flips. Making 360s while sailing over cars and benches is highly recommended here. The racer should be keen not to hit anything otherwise he may end up with a face full of blood.

Just like the other racing game, it is controlled by use of arrows. The left and right arrows are used to turn left and right respectively. The up arrow key is used to  push while the down arrow key is used to power slide where as the space bar is used to Ollie. The X keys are used for making tricks. Some of the best tricks that can be applied in this game are such as tail side, rail side and the360 flip rail. The up and down arrows are used for propelling and for back up. street sesh II is typically a down hill jam which was presented to the market on January of year 2007.The player is required to collect as many items as he can while on the street using his multiple skills. He earns popular points based on how many items he manages to collect on the way. He is rewarded with a new pair of shoes in special shoe boxes. With the brown shoe boxes, the player is able to add points to his score.

Street sesh is a free flash on line game as of now. It is played online and if the game freezes while playing, just click inside it. Online games can be unresponsive sometimes and street sesh is not an exception especially when the racer clicks outside the game. The player either plays it online on the size of his screen or simply downloads it for his Pc. As of now, the game has been reviewed over 4000 times by its funs. Most players have termed is as a cool and awesome game and have highly recommend it to other kids. Kids can’t escape the temptation of playing the game over and over again.

The players are highly fascinated by the high quality sound effects of the game. Graphics used in the game are highly planetary with animations of outstanding quality. It has wonderful and amusing music not forgetting its wonderful voice tracks and great coloration. Street Sesh Series is undoubtedly one of the hottest games of all times. More similar games can be found if you visit dirt bike games section on our website.

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