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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Stunt Biker Game

Stunt Biker

Game Description: Another awesome motorbike game. First you need to go pass the biking school then take stunt bike audition. Prepare yourself to become the greatest stunt biker! Camera..Rolling..Action!

Game Controls: Up : accelerate Left : tilt up Right : tilt down Down : reverse CTRL : break Spacebar : jump

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Stunt Biker Game Review

Are you a fan of breath-taking stunt bike games? Do you like to do flips and tricks with your bike high in the air and be the best at it? If so, then you will definitely like Stunt Biker. While playing this captivating online game you can almost experience the adrenaline rush given by the complicated, yet astonishing stunts. The realistic motorbike sounds are also a big plus when it comes to that sense of reality that a good game must have. Nothing sounds better to a real biker than the engine sound of a bike.

When it comes to the game controls, you will mostly play the game using the arrow keys in order to accelerate, backup or tilt up/down. If you believe you have too much speed to complete a stunt, then you can use the breaks by hitting the "Control" (CTRL) key and your bike will decelerate. If needed, you can accelerate again afterwards.

The clear instructions that are given at the beginning of the game and throughout the first level are very helpful for every new player that wants to get accustomed to the game's rules. If you pay attention to them, there is nothing that can hold you back from performing impressive stunts and unlocking new levels. With every level that you complete successfully, another one is unlocked, but the difficulty of the game progressively increases with every new stage. Nevertheless, along with the difficulty, the game will become more attractive and more addictive as well, due to the new obstacles and new stunts that arise. However, this should not be a problem, provided that you do not hurry to the end and remember what you learnt from the instructions at level one.

Another great thing about Stunt Biker is that if you happen to fail at, let's say, half of the level, the game has previously set saving points and after you fail you will not start from the beginning of the level, but from close to the point where you crashed.

Some of the obstacles that you will find throughout the game, such as the fixed boxes may turn out to be difficult to get over, but once you get the hang of it everything is piece of cake. The key is to keep in mind the instructions given and to use the spacebar whenever you need to jump over an obstacle.

If you find yourself in a position from which you cannot escape, you can restart the level by hitting the "R" key. In addition, if you need to have a break, use the "P" button on your keyboard and the game will be paused. Remember to use the spacebar whenever you need to jump over an obstacle.

In the end, Stunt Biker is the game that has it all, from adrenaline to entertainment. It is a game where stunts have received a new definition and where every player can become a professional stunt biker in no time. If you are looking for a relaxing game that will help you evade the daily routine, then Stunt Biker is that game.

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