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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Stunt Dirt Bike 2 Game

Stunt Dirt Bike 2

Game Description: A bumpy bike game with jungle, gravel pit and junkyard levels. Avoid riding through water, mud and oil to finish each level with the best time possible.

Game Controls: Use left, right, up and down keys to control stunt bike

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For those who need muddy airborne action and who got bored excelling other dirt bike games, the ‘Stunt Dirt Bike 2’ will remain as a dream come true. It’s really a hard skill to ride a dirt bike. Performing stunts is even more bone-chilling. This game features this experience. Following its prior version, it comes up with the new challenging environments and exciting new bikes on both two wheelers and four wheelers. Mother Nature plays a supporting role at times, but also, most probably, hinders the goal with her obstacle-filled pathways. Riders will surely have to strive hard to survive amidst them.

Stunt Dirt Bike 2 is a single player fun flash game developed by the IriySoft and AddictingGames, which got launched on September 2009. Since then, most stunt bike games lovers found this game as one of the most interesting online games due to the presence of so many exciting new features which were unavailable in various other games. Though the main objective of the game is, as usual, to complete the levels as soon as possible, the path to be rode on is filled with lumber piles, water, mud and oil which are the major obstacles of the game.

At the initial part of the game, the player has to choose a vehicle. It can be a dirt bike comprising two or four wheels. The game begins with the Jungle level which has to be finished in order to unlock the two more exciting levels - gravel pit and junkyard levels. At the end of each them, new vehicles can also be unlocked. Each vehicle has its own advantage and is rated based on its speed, stability, bounciness, and the level of player’s control over the bike.

Though these features may delight you, you must always bear in mind that, with increasing levels you will be made to stand in a completely new environment with too many challenging obstacles. Amidst all these, one relaxing aspect of the game is that, you can try infinite number of times over a particular level, even if you get badly crashed. Finally, you may be wondering whether your stunt skills are really utilized in this game. Obviously, once you get airborne, if you can flip and land safely, you will end up with a boost in your score.

An important fact is that, if you are hunting for cheat codes for ‘Stunt Dirt Bike 2’, it would be an utter waste, since the only way to complete the game faster is to avoid riding in water, mud and oil. Once you have completed the game, you can post your score online to compete with the other players. Rated as the ‘game for all ages’, it is an obvious truth that, amidst all the boring usual motocross games, the ‘Stunt Dirt Bike 2’ will be a blasting new experience for the riders who strive for stunt-filled environments. If you are one among them, then get go with the game. Today, children and adults play and enjoy the game equally as it attracts players well.

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