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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Monster Truck Games » Online Super Trucks Game

Super Trucks

Game Description: Super Trucks is a great driving game that features racing trucks. As a race truck driver, you must drive and win first place while competing against other truck racers.

Game Controls: Use directional buttons to control your super truck.

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Super Trucks: A Fantastic Truck Driving Game

Super Trucks is a great driving game that features racing trucks. As a race truck driver, you must drive and win first place while competing against other truck racers. Along the way, there are treacherous turns that can slow you down.

The graphics in Super Trucks are outstanding. The racing trucks are well-designed and well-detailed. The trucks look very realistic and life-like. The backgrounds are also fun to look at. The graphics are a big highlight of this racing game.

Super Trucks Controls

The controls in Super Trucks are very easy to learn. All you need to use are the directional buttons to control your racing truck. The up arrow moves your truck forward. The down arrow moves your truck backwards, which is perfect when you get stuck on something and need to get back to racing. The left and right arrows steer your truck. The spacebar is also used to start each race.

The sound effects are great. The sounds the racing trucks make sound like the real thing and make you pumped up for some driving action. The sounds when trucks hit each other sound genuine as well. The music is very lively and fitting for this racing game.

Game Play

Super Trucks is all about driving your racing truck from a third-person perspective. As a race truck driver, you must drive through treacherous roads while competing against others to reach that finish line. At the start, you can choose to drive one of four race trucks. The Heavy Metal, Dyno, Mr Plume and Bull Dough race trucks all look different and unique from each other. To win this game, you must reach the finish line before the other trucks do; therefore, you must be a fast driver. You must also be careful in driving because careless driving can lead you outside of the main roads and greatly slow you down. If your truck hits an obstacle and gets stuck, move it in reverse and get back into action. You can also ram your truck into other trucks to slow them down and take over the lead! Take care not to get too immersed in ramming into other trucks or you might lose control and actually fall behind.

There are items to pick up while driving your racing truck. Money icons give you extra points. The glowing blue ball icon charges up your truck and gives it some extra speed, which is perfect for taking the lead or even just catching up to the other trucks that might be ahead of you. These items are sometimes positioned in strange places and trying to pick them up can greatly slow you down; therefore, you must think twice before picking up items. Keeping your truck steady and always moving is much more important than losing control of it just to pick up items.

Overall Feeling

Super Trucks is a terrific racing game that puts you in the role of a race truck driver. With realistic graphics and satisfying sound effects, give this game a try and get into the action by ramming your truck into others!

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