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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Terminator Bike Game

Terminator Bike

Game Description: Help terminator ride his machine through the city districts. Collect money on your way, destroy objects as they come, smash boxes, perform stunts to gain more extra points. Surmount all 15 levels.

Game Controls: Controls are simple: UP and DOWN to move forward/backward, LEFT and RIGHT to lean biker's body.

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Online Flash Game – Terminator Bike Reviewed

Earlier to play games you needed someone to accompany you, and board games used to be most common. However, with changing times, people are becoming busier in their lives. Both parents work and thus do not find time enough to play with their kids. The computer and the Internet have made things much easier. You can play a number of games using it, and you do not even need any one to accompany you. Boys generally love playing racing games as it involves so much of action and fun.

If you search the net for games for boys, you will come across a wide selection, with the online flash games being the most popular ones. However, if you are looking for an experience that you have never had before, something that will leave you awe-struck, you need to try playing the Terminator Bike game. It is an awesome game, full of fun, which will keep you glued till the end. Though you will take a little time to learn how to play the game, once you have learn it, you will have an amazing time. You will not need any company and easily will be able to spend the entire day.

Terminator Bike is a dirt bike game, and the only thing you need to do is quickly try to reach the finishing line. If you have friends at your place, each of you can play one by one to see who reaches the finishing line fastest. The one who reaches first wins the game. If, however, you are playing alone you can keep challenging yourself, and beat your own scores. You can keep attaining better scores by completing the level faster. On collecting dollars and performing stunts you will get some extra points.

You first need to install the game, and it will not take too long to do that. There is an additional program offered with the game to download, you should uncheck that if you do not need it. Even without that application you will be able to play the program easily. The game comes with a very simple menu. You can check controls, begin a new game, and get hints of "how to play". There are 15 levels you need to cross, and you can select one of the two motorcycles for the purpose.

For acceleration or brake you will need to use the up or down arrow, and to lean the body of the biker use the right or left arrow. As you perform a stunt you will be given a bonus which gets added to your final score. However, while playing the game if you fall on your head, you will have to restart playing from the checkpoint or start line. As you help the terminator ride the bike through the city it will make you feel as if you yourself are the rider. The game offers you great sound clarity and very clear images. Whether you play it all by yourself, or challenge your friends into beating your score, you will have an wonderful time.

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