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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online TG Motocross 2 Game

TG Motocross 2

Game Description: TG Motocross 2 gives you old fashion dirt bike game fun with extremely realistic physics engine. Try and surmount all incoming obstacles while keeping the balance. Look at the map to see what terrain is coming along.

Game Controls: Use keyboard cursors to keep balanced. Up, down, left and right.

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TG Motocross 2 Game Review

Motocross is all about endurance and skills. However, when it comes to dirt bike games dedicated to this noble, but also wild, sport, most of these have forgotten about the basics of this discipline and have concentrated on the glamor rather than on the real point of motocross. Fortunately, here comes TG Motocross 2 to prove that this discipline is more than alive and kicking. Wanna see it for yourself? Try TG Motocross 2 now!

Skills are the Tricks

Most flashy motocross games desire to grab your attention with addictive stunts and tricks you can perform. On the other hand, TG Motocross 2 does something different. It addicts you to riding skillfully and conquering the difficult terrains under the wheels of your motorcycle. No fancy tricks – no boring and repetitive stunt patterns – no points and calculations. This game requires you to guide your virtual motocross rider through the tricky, steep wastelands, managing to land on both wheels whenever the road vanishes. Balancing, controlling the motorbike and using the speed properly are, thus, your main tools and tricks, making it possible for you to reach the end of every level, looking forward to the challenges that await beyond.

The graphics of this game are basic, but full of interesting details. Thus, you will see shadows and blurry effects while spending time in air. Also, you will enjoy the relaxing, even zen, landscape, changing in color and form as you rush through the levels. The rider you are controlling looks alive and has genuine, human-like movements, which makes TG Motocross easy to get into.

One of the moments you do not desire to see too often in this game is falling. Simply, the movements of your rider are so well done that it looks like someone actually got hurt every time you lose in TG Motocross 2. Therefore, make sure you avoid falling of your bike as much as possible, preserving the little guy's life.

Overall Impression

All in all, for all you people who enjoy the simplicity of motocross, being aware that flashy traits of this sport are not as important as the discipline, hard work and control that, actually, stand for the backbone of it, TG Motocross 2 is the game for you. If you have read these lines and found out that this game fits your rider profile, do not spend time playing stunt bike games you do not like, searching for the right ones. Rather, rush out to TG Motocross 2 now!

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