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   You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Blog » Turbo Racing: Modern Car Racing Game

Turbo Racing: Modern Car Racing Game

Turbo Racing is a pure modern car racing game featuring car upgrades, advancing difficulty levels, realistic traffic, and some super cars. As the game progresses, player will have the chance to change the appearance of the car for the race. Graphics and sounds are fairly good for a flash game; this game is freely available and directly playable on website page. The game basically provides a knockout racing type. There are some checkpoints spread along the track. It is essential to reach the checkpoint before the opponents do or the player will immediately be eliminated from the race; in this case, player will need to restart from the start line.

Game Review

In general, Turbo Racing should exceed gamer's expectations in almost all aspects. The gameplay, screen, control buttons, and other features should be enough to deliver a good gaming experience. In the beginning, the game provides a default car; however, as the player continues to win each race and earns points, new upgrades will be available. The upgrades include car paint, neon, stickers, body kits, wings, bumpers, and other car accessories. There are 4 difficulty levels including easy, medium, hard, and extreme. The more difficult level will be playable after a player defeats the current one.


Each difficulty level has 5 races; the points earned from each race will open the available upgrades. As previously mentioned, Turbo Racing is a knockout racing game; it means that the player should keep winning each race. There is no runner-up or third place; if player's car is the last to reach the checkpoint, game is over. Along the race, there are 3 computer-controlled opponents; logically, there are 3 checkpoints provided. Another good point is the traffic; many cars are going along the track, so the player should carefully control the car to avoid accidents. Player can move the car by using arrow keys and use turbo boost by pressing X button.

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