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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Online Racing Games » Online Uphill Rush 4 Game

Uphill Rush 4

Game Description: Uphill Rush 4 is here with more crazy racing than ever. Drive carts, 18 wheelers, motorbikes, dolphins and what not. Also, check out the previous Uphill Rush games.

Game Controls: Use UP to accelerate, DOWN to reverse, LEFT to lean back, RIGHT to lean forward. SPACE to jump/perform stunt, hit X for turbo speed, M to see the map, P to pause the game.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Uphill Rush 4 Game, you will love to play 4 Wheel Madness Game and Skilled Parker Game.

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Uphill Rush 4: Taking it to the Waterpark

The next installment of the Uphill Rush franchise takes the racing from the street to the water in this addicting flash game from Spil Games. Uphill Rush 4 has the same classic keyboard control as its predecessors, but a great new backdrop for the classic grab the cash game.

To start, players are given an option of Cups 1-4 with the opportunity to unlock two more levels. From there, you can choose the standard time trial or race option. As with the previous online racing games, you can choose from easy, normal, or hard levels. But, you must beat the prior level before continuing to the next difficulty.

Fitting in the water park theme, characters are customizable in the first screen with male or female riders and points can be cashed in for more elaborate attire. Perhaps the most fun part of the game is the opportunity to unlock the dolphin to ride. If riding mammals doesn't suit you, the game comes standard with an innertube or options to buy a speedboat, windsurfer, jet-ski, or speedboat. You can also adjust the game controls from here, as well as colors. Logging in provides even more opportunities to customize free in-game avatars.

If you aren't familiar with the Uphill Rush games, basic gameplay consists of maneuvering the an obstacle course while performing tricks for points and collecting as much cash (or coins in earlier versions) as possible. This cash can later be used to unlock additional in-game features and customizations. In the version, the screen conveniently re-sizes and can range from iPod sized to full monitor screen depending on your preference. There's also a graphics quality toggle switch in case your connection lags.

Uphill Rush 4 is reminiscent of Nintendo 64's Wave Race meets Helicopter- both favorite's of mine. The desire to perfect 360's and beat time trials means the addiction risk for this game is high. The controls can be a bit difficult to master at first- I fell straight on my face a few times before even reaching the checkpoint- but they are intuitive enough that only several tries are needed before working knowledge is achieved.

From there, you can master the art of Nitro Power while reading the map in the top right corner. This can help you figure out the slope of the course to avoid those painful nosedives. You can also figure out how long you have to perform those wicked stunts mid-air.

If you meet the water slide face-first, you have 6 more chances to redeem yourself. The game also has a cool replay feature after you lose a life. When you restart, a shadow of your previous run plays out in real time, showing you what you did before, and hopefully helping you to avoid doing it again. At first I thought it may have been a glitch, but after failing miserably a few times in a row, I finally figured out that the ghostly figure was actually there to teach me.

I also like that during the race mode, it's not impossible to win. I hate games where the computer seems to be unbeatable. In Uphill Rush 4, the races are actually do-able, and the computer player can show you new routes and tricks.

The only downside to this game is that it's just difficult enough that I don't want to stop playing. For more stunt games, you can check out the stunt bike games section with tons of stunt performing games.

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