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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Stunt Bike Games » Online Uphill Rush 5 Game

Uphill Rush 5

Game Description: Uphill Rush 5 involves racing down a huge rush of wind on a water sport and making it to the finish line before everybody else.

Game Controls: Use up, down, left, and right arrows to control your racer. Space to jump, 1-4 to do stunts, 5 to use nitro pack.

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Review of Uphill Rush 5

Do you enjoy water slides and racing? Uphill Rush 5 takes the original concept of the game and makes it even more exciting to make it to the top. The game involves racing down a huge rush of wind on a water sport and making it to the finish line before everybody else. The goal is to jump from big water slide to the next until you finally reach that final finish line. Throughout the online racing game, different things will just jump right out at you and wait for you to grab them for extra points. Be sure to get some floating treasure chests for when you are playing to gain some extra points.

The water slides are always slippery, so you will have problems along the way. The fun part of the game is being able to slide passed the others and get through each person to be the winner. The finish line is rewarding to pass, and although the game is hard to succeed in, it gets much easier to play as you practice.

The way to play the game is simple. Up and down in the arrow keys is accelerate and reverse, respectively. To learn back, just click on left and to move forward click on right. The space bar is what you use to jump. The numbers 1-4 are used to create and accomplish special stunts for earning even more points. Press button 5 if you want to use your nitro power.

Uphill Rush 5 is one exotic and adventurous game that involves water racing to a different level and can be great for the young ones. Enjoy a fun game that takes on racing in a unique way. It is highly recommended to play this game because it is different and not like the first four games, although the concept is somewhat the same.

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