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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Uphill Rush Game

Uphill Rush

Game Description: Uphill Rush is a great racing game where you can select between riding a dirt bike, atv quad, skateboard and even monster truck. Pass levels to unlock new cups and special cups. You can select more than one level of difficulty. Pass the easy ones to get to the hard part of the game. Have a great time :)

Game Controls: Use keyboards arrows to ride, skate and drive.

Game Recommend: If you liked playing Uphill Rush Game, you will love to play Redlynx Trials Game and Motorbike Madness Game.

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Uphill Rush Game Review

Uphill Rush Game Intro Screen
Uphill Rush Game Intro Screen
All you hardcore gamers out there, Uphill Rush Game is the game you’ve been waiting for. This action pumped game which involves rushing uphill with all the best vehicles out there, will make you look at action with completely different attitude. Namely, once you play this racing game, you will never try any other game of this type. Unique, stunning and incredibly exciting, Uphill Rush Game will take your breath away and set your nitro pumped blood on fire! Whether you are a diehard biker, skater or you prefer controlling some more powerful beasts like quad bikes and monster trucks, Uphill Rush Game has it all, and this makes it stand out from the crowd of similar games. It versatility is worth any envy, and certainly worth your gaming time. Literally, there is not a single vehicle stunt game more exciting than the Uphill Rush.

Why is Uphill Rush Game the Best Game of This Type?

First of all, as we have mentioned above, Uphill Rush Game is versatile. It has 8 different modes of gameplay including the uphill rush with a dirt bike, quad bike, skateboard, monster truck and two special modes you are yet to unlock once you become an experienced Uphill Rush Game Player. Moreover, each of these subclasses of Uphill Rush Game has two modes, time mode and stunt mode. The former one, as the name itself suggests, wants from you to race against the time. The game will challenge you with, while the latter involves doing different stunts, basing your success in the game on your score and the awesomeness of your stunts and tricks. Thus, Uphill Rush Game will challenge all the aspects of your gamer spirit, putting you on a test of speed, skills, endurance and control over many of different vehicles you will have to rush uphill. Each cool trick will boost your possibility to engage into a turbo mode, guaranteeing your first place in any type of a game you opt for. All in all, racing has never been this cool, before Uphill Rush Game hit the scene. Finally, if we are to say a few words about the graphics and the music, both being some of the basic traits of Uphill Rush Game, we can only sing words of praise, since, believe it or not, this game is great! Bunch of guitar shreds, heavy metal, punk and hard rock will make your Uphill Rush Game an adventure you will not forget. For hardcore lovers of Uphill Rush series, you can play Uphill Rush 2 and Uphill Rush 3 Games online as well. Thus, step on it and rush to play!

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