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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Motocross Games » Online Uphill Rush 2 Game

Uphill Rush 2

Game Description: Uphill Rush 2 is excellent #2 of the addicting Uphill Rush game. Ride along multiple tracks, and win cups. As you advance, and collect points, You'll be able to get a better bike and gear.

Game Controls: Use cursor keys to race. Space to jump, 5 for turbo boost, P to pause the game, M to show map. Perform stunts with 1 to 4 keys.

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Uphill Rush 2 Game Review

One thing is for sure – if you liked Uphill Rush 1 , you are going to absolutely love and adore the sequel to this excising motocross games series. This action pumped-up, adrenaline-rushing game is bound to set your world ablaze. Take your scooter or some other customized bike and show the world what you've got! Can't wait for it? Try Uphill Rush here!

The Name and The Game

Uphill rush 2, like its predecessor, has a very logical name. Basically, while this game is all about performing awesome stunts at the right time, your best chance of doing this is while rushing uphill, especially if you have your nitro supplies charged to the maximum and your throttle twisted so that it cannot be twisted anymore.

As far as the game is concerned, it has significant improvements when compared to the previous variant. While playing this stunt bike game , you need to concentrate on the number of lives you have left since every bail or fail you undergo marks as one life lost. Secondly, depending on the type of the game you choose, you will need to pay attention to the time limit you have in order to complete the requirements of the level.

You can organize yourself better by using the on-screen map available, knowing when the uphill rush you cherish is about to appear, preparing the nitro and the gas to go wild and beyond wild. Additionally, you will need to collect coins during your rides.

The coins you collect are necessary for purchasing perks and improvements that Uphill Rush 2 has in store for you. In this brilliant game, you can change and modify your bike and your rider in terms of color, markings and some other distinctive features.

When we talk about the type of the game, we have a wide array of choices here, opting for either the cup or the time challenge and a regular race.

Finally, Uphill Rush 2 has all the excellent stunts and tricks you remember from the first part, locked behind the numerals on the keyboard. Thus, when you realize that the conditions for pulling off a brilliant stunt are ahead of you, you can choose between some of the best-known bike-related tricks in the history of this amazing sport.

All in all, dirtbike game lacks neither fun nor creativity and excitement. So, enjoy the brilliant music, sound effects and graphics, as well as the gameplay of this powerful experience here!

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