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You are here: Dirt Bike Games » Dirt Bike Games Online » Online Winter Rider Game

Winter Rider

Game Description: Maneuver your bike over ice and snow covered obstacles in 15 levels of motocross action. Complete level nine to unlock a new bike!

Game Controls: Use arrow keys to control your snow motorbike.

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Winter Rider - Flash Biking

Ever tried biking in snow ? If not, then its time to play Winter Rider. Straight forward, level wise game which is both thrilling and enthralling. There are innumerable stunt bike games which have been designed to entertain people. Not all of these games appeal to a general population of kids as well as grown ups. But, winter rider can be enjoyed by both these group of people. Besides, if biking is something one enjoys and looks up to then, there is no way they will not enjoy this game. Winter rider is an apt game for people who love excitement and challenging games right in the comforts of their own place.It gives the player a thrill thats keep them excited throughout the game because they do not know what to expect of it . Snow covered terrain presents different kinds of obstacles as you go ahead in the game.

This is a game designed with precision in aptness of the ambience in the game,a biker, bikes and even the obstacles. Therefore, giving a realistic feel to the gamer playing the game. There are plenty of racing games which are available online today. But winter rider stands out among them as it is easy to understand the game; the bike maneuvering controls are like in most of the bikes games, the arrow keys. The obstacles and paths involved in the race are very thrilling and unexpected which adds to the excitement of game play.

Winter rider displays a realistic virtual world which is very much similar to actuality and gives the player a real feel of bike riding experience and thrill through the snow covered plains. The game designer has succeeded in letting the gamer experience the same effects of bike driving in a natural environment, the icy paths become slippery, and other such subtle natural effects involved in the game giving it that real touch. The sound effects included in the game add quality to the gaming experience.

The game opens with a colorful page displaying options for you to choose from. You can go through the basic rules of the game and the basic control buttons before beginning to attempt racing.This enlightens the player on what to expect of this game and gives them a better understanding on how to play the game . Each game level of winter rider presents the player with new experiences that might not ahve been encountered in the previous level.Players are kept at the edge of their seats while playing the game.Each level presents a new task that one has to learn and perfect to enable them to move on to the next level.Keeping up with the game's high levels requires more attention,effort and skill than the previous level in a sense that it keeps getting more interesting and harder than before.A player needs to be keen since a good winter rider is one who gets to the highest level and overcomes the hardest obstacles.This game is simply fun to play.

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